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    message "failed to download favorites"  fix


      Hello. I just got an iPhone and installed the slingplayer app.  I've recently started getting the erro message "failed to download favorites" and can't access the favorite channels. How do I fix this?

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          Hi, GoalieEd.


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          We recommend you to uninstall and reinstall the SlingPlayer Mobile  application on your iPhone. Once you have finished this process, make sure to  check this link in order to know  how to create the "Favorites list" on your iPhone.


          The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team.

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              Same problem here in Italy, on iPad and on iPhone when I open the app

              the message "failed to download favorites" appear.


              The Favorites button is dimmed on iPhone,

              on iPad is not dimmed but I can't tap on it.


              Any suggestions?




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                I also have this problem. I switched wireless router from a Netgear to an Airport Extreme and now I can't set any favourites. When I tap 'Favourites' I get the 'Tap edit to add favourites' screen. When I tap '+' on the next screen I get the error message 'Failed to get available channels'. I've reset my Slingbox Solo, reset my Airport Extreme, uninstalled and reinstalled the iPhone App a number of times - but nothing has worked. I can't set favourites. This is a real inconvenience as to get to a channel I want I need to go through the various channels (or in the unlkely event I've memorised the channel number enter it via the remote, whereas previously I could go to my favourites and just tap the channel icon. Could this be an issue with the Slingbox or how can I fix it ?


                UPDATE: I also have the iPad App and have the same problem on that - 'Failed to get available channels'.


                UPDATE: I reinstalled the Netgear router and re-set everything - same problem, no favourites.

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                  After I uninstall and reinstall the SlingPlayer Mobile application on my iPad. This message still occur and I can't use the favourites function.