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    Slingbox 500 default 4x3 poor colors


      I have two slingboxes on my network.  I watch TV in my home office (internal network).  I have a Slingbox 500 and the previous gen Slingbox HD.  Both are connected via the SAME TYPE of component cables.  I have tried swapping out cables, etc.. I don't have HDMI connected..  They are connected to the same type of DirecTV DVRs. Both are connected to the same exact network switch.  TWO problems:


      1.  Default on the Slingbox doesn't appear to be HD (or rather 4x3).  I have to manually go into settings and set to widescreen.

      2.  The colors on the 500 are WAY WORSE than my prev gen Slingbox HD.


      The picture attached is the best I can illustrate of my situation.  I have one slingplayer running in Safari and the other in Chrome (yes I have switched them around).  They are both running on a retina macbook pro.  On the left is the previous gen version (showing in widescreen) and the screen on my right is the 500.  You will notice, the right window (500) defaults to 4x3.  It's hard to see but the colors are worse on the 500.  Look at the NFL Fox logo.  On the 500, whites are NOT white and blacks are NOT blacks compared to the left window.


      ANY IDEAS to fix this?  The 500 should be "better", right? IMG_1280.JPG