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    Slingplayer for Xbox One


      Is Slingbox considering supporting the Xbox One?


      Simple question.





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          jbondsr1 Newbie

          I really hope that they are (and if anyone at sling is listening, please do not leave out proxy support).


          But in the meantime, you can hook up a cheap laptop with HDMI out to my Xbox one, and connect a small Media Center IR receiver to the laptop.

          After that, if you set your Xbox One to have the cable receiver as a Media Center PC, it can control the Slingplayer Legacy Desktop app.

          (Also, don't forget to set the Xbox One TV app to your TV provider - Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, TimeWarner, etc.)


          Issues you might have with this kind of setup:


          1. Powering on and off the Slingplayer app on your desktop

              - The power off command for Media Center PC from your Xbox One will either shut off your laptop/PC or send it to sleep.

                You would need to edit the registry on your PC to change the media center receiver power off function to open and close your Slingplayer app.

                Otherwise, you would always have to manually start up the Slingplayer app using a mouse (or remote mouse app on a phone/tablet).


          2. Network limitations (bandwidth caps/speed)

              - Having the Slingplayer app running constantly will eat up a lot of your bandwidth and may affect your multiplayer gaming experience, unless

                you have a high speed/unlimited bandwidth connection, or decide to manually lower the quality of your Slingplayer stream.


          3. Pop-ups

              - You may encounter other PC applications that pop up with update warnings, or even within the Slingplayer app itself, warning you of poor network

                 conditions (sometimes). In this case, you would need to manually move a mouse on your PC to clear it.


          I'm overseas for the moment, and the setup I mentioned above is working for me without much issue (connecting to a sling device back in my home in the USA).

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            Slingbox, please create a XBOX ONE app!  This would just put the icing on the cake!

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              Ok, we got SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices in the flavors of, SlingPlayer for Windows 8 for tablets, laptops & convertibles, check. SlingPlayer for Windows Phone, check.


              I concur with OP, can we get SlingPlayer for Connected Devices in the form of a SlingPlayer app for Xbox One? This would greatly enhance the Xbox One experience; I am presently using WD TV Live at the same location I have my Xbox One - SlingPlayer for Connected Devices for Xbox One would greatly condense my entire entertainment experience into one input, one box

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                I know Microsoft recently aquired the former Slingbox CEO Blake  Krikorian. As a result, I would love to see the Slingbox become  compatiable with the Xbox One as I'm sure many of your customers would  be. Is this something that is in the pipeline or being considered?


                I'm glad to see that someone else shares the same idea as me. I feel  like enabling the xbox one to work with the slingplayer would be a good  move in the right direction for the company, opening many more doors to  new customers. Customerst that already own an Xbox One or are about to  purchase one. Now they can have TV for free for only couple hundred  dollars more. Plus this idea would hit Slingbox's target market of  younger adults, especially those in the college environment who are away  from home.

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                  Also support adding it for xbox one, since it basically runs a modified version of Windows 8 phone, hopefully it isn't too much work for the great programmers at sling

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                    An app for xbox one would be awesome! But at least being able to use the Web browser on the xbox one to steam SlingPlayer would be a good start too! Please let us know if any of this is in the making!


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                      I'm all for this. I would love a native app or at a minimum support for the IE browser on Xbox One.