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    Using SlingLinks TV can't access Internet but laptop can


      My SlingLink setup has been working great for the past couple of years, but tonight when I tried to watch streaming TV there was no Internet connection. Due to the fact that I had the TV, a DVR, and a satelite receiver that all wanted Internet access, the SlingLink was connected to a splitter, but as I said, the setup has worked great for years.


      Lately we've been having a bit of difficulty getting the TV to connect, but usually when I check the router I find that it's having trouble, too. I generally just reboot it and/or the modem and go back to watching TV. Tonight, however, that didn't work. Then I noticed that there were no lights showing on the splitter device to indicate an incoming signal. I checked both the SlingLink units and all their lights were on. I double checked the power to the splitter, it was still working, so I plugged the network cable directly into the TV. Still no access to the Internet. Then I plugged that same cable into a laptop and the computer had no problem getting online -- I had disabled the wi-fi connection beforehand to make sure that it used the LAN. I replugged the cable into the TV, but still no access to the Internet; then back into the splitter and still no sign of life there either.


      What would cause it to stop working with both the TV and the splitter so suddenly, yet still serve up 100 Mbps to a laptop? More importantly, how can I fix it?