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    Sling Player Roku does not work at all


      Sling Player Roku does not work



      I own a slingbox 350.


      Just went out and bought a brand new Roku 3 a supported device. Then purchased the overpriced $15 slingplayer app for android at google play store so I can use it on the roku.


      Does not work.


      Called in 5 days ago and they are clueless.


      After 2 hours on the phone I get we will call you back once tech support figures it out.


      Called again today. No status update.


      All the forums and google play store itself have people ****** off at slingbox at this app which is premature and a joke.


      Why they would make you use your phone to stream it to the roku and not have a standalone roku app is beyond me.

      The only reason they do that is to rip people off so they pay $15 for every phone and tablet they own on top of already shelling out $200 - $300 for the slongbox. Shame on you!



      Using this on Samsung Galaxy S3 but the Roku stream button does not show.


      Have done all the suggestions on the boards like uninstalling and reinstalling on both the phone and roku numerous times. Have reset both as well. Have cleared data as well. Nothing works.


      Any suggestions because SlingBox has no clue and seems to not care about customer satisfaction.


      I saw an article that said this was supposed to be version 3.0 yet the app shows 2.7.1 yet they say that is the correct version.


      Slingbox tech support and customer support are non existant via the forums or by calling.


      I can not believe Echostar / Dish Network own this company. Is their satellite service just as bad?



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          I'm in the same boat.  Doesn't even show the correct buttons.  They popped up 1 time and that was it. Then it said I needed to update the Sling channel on the Roku.  Since that happened, nothing

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            still no solution / Fix from slingbox after several days



            Roku 4200X running software 5.2 Build 3267



            Box it came in says Model 4200R  however

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              Same boat here. I was first upset that they supported iPhone but not iPad. I had the iPad app, not the iPhone app. I dished out the extra $15 bucks for iPhone app, didn't work. I have two Roku's, nothing from either. I've never seen this mysterious arrow on my iphone.


              I did notice today that my slingbox channel wasn't on the roku anymore. I re downloaded it in hopes that they fixed it, nothing,

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                craig.sling Novice

                Hello cookie7199,


                We are sorry that SlingPlayer for Roku is giving you so much trouble. We are in the process of getting this issue resolved. The App should return to the Roku in the very near future. I do want to let you know you are not the only one having this issue and it is a high priority for us to resolve this with Roku. Until then your patience is greatly appreciated - we will release information on the forum front page when this is resolved.


                Apologies for the inconvenience,

                The Sling Moderation Team



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                    It has been a couple of weeks and I wanted to get an update from you all. This issue still does not appear to be fixed. I am running a Roku LT and a Roku 2 XS with a Iphone 5 using my Slinbox Solo. I have never seen the arrow on the slingbox app to throw the signal to a Roku. Please let me know an update when you can. Thanks.