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    Quality issues mobile broadband

    lkodk Newbie

      Can someone explain why the following is happening to me?


      If I connect my iPad via WiFi to a mobile broadband router that runs 4G/LTE, Slingplayer 3.0 can display the video stream in 640x480 resolution at a bitrate around 1200-1500 kbps and everything looks looks ok.

      If I move the simcard from the router to my iPad Air that also does 4G/LTE and connect directly to the mobile network the Slingplayer app is only capable of showing a resolution of 640x240 even though the bitrate is actually higher (1500-2000 kbps) and objects/subtitles etc get jaged edges and look awful.

      It is the exact same mobile network I connect to, and with higher bandwith I get lower resolution.


      I don't really get it.


      I am running SlingPlayer 3.0 on iPad Air running iOS7 against a Slingbox Pro-HD firmware 2.1.420


      Actually it is nothing new. In previous version of the iPad Slingplayer and with previous firmware revision on the slingbox and with iOS6 I have noticed the lower resolution while on mobile broadband with good enough bandwidth, but it is only now with SlingPlayer 3.0 I have found out how to see the actual resolution displayed.