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    How do i get my sling box to play without stopping after 10 minutes?


      my sling box will only play for 10 mins and then freeze ,its seems to have a 10 min timmer on the bottom of the screen, How do I change this?

      It has only been hppening recently???


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          eferz Expert

          You might want to consider looking at this topic, your symptoms sounds similar.


          Slingbox  SOLO: Streaming stops unexpectedly


          Thanks for posting. To answer your question about replacement, there is no current replacement process for this particular issue, simply because we're still narrowing down the symptoms and fixes. At this point we can't comment on whether or not a process like that will take effect. However, I can say that existing Sling policy for product support for hardware failure is pretty straightforward and easy - here's


          • Call our tech support team
            • They will verify your support eligibility.
              • If you are within 90 days of purchase, it's all free.
              • If you are outside of 90 days but within your hardware  warranty, there is a small fee for the tech support (which is refunded  if it turns out to be a hardware issue!).
              • If you have purchased an extended care plan for your  Slingbox, calls are free and the hardware warranty is extended for 3  years from date of purchase.
            • If after troubleshooting the support technician determines  that the issue is a hardware failure, they will:
              • Process the replacement free of charge and refund the  tech support fee if you are within your warranty period, or:
              • Charge a small fee for an out of warranty hardware  replacement and, again, the tech support fee is refunded.
          So, to summarize the existing Sling support kung fu if you have a  hardware failure:


          • In warranty? Free replacement!
          • Out of warranty? Pay a small fee, get a new box