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    Roku Channel a Cruel Joke


      I waited a very long time for the Roku sling player. Now that it has been released I am still waiting for one. What was released is just a cruel joke.


      1) Why the heck does it require an iPhone?

      2) If it requires iOS, why not the iPad?

      3) It doesn't respect the names of the Roku boxes. Mine are NOT named Roku 1, Roku 2, and Roku 3. Mine are named Roku Bedroom, Roku Basement, and Roku Great Room. Those are names that when I see them on a list, I know which one is which. Your scheme requires that I just try them all until something happens.

      4) Nothing happens. The channel launches and it sits there telling me to run the app on my PHONE! I do, and after trying all three Roku boxes on the list, only one doesn't fail outright, and on that one nothing happens, it just sits there telling me to use my phone.


      Do you want this to work? Do you want to sell more Slingboxes? Then make the app you created for the #1 streaming platform on the planet actually work. No phones!!!. Make it work just like Netflix or Plex. For the time being I use a WD Live in one room and a Netgear NeoTV in the other. Both of those suck overall and their sling player is even worse, but they at least work. Aero and Skitter don't require a phone to work on Roku.


      Maybe I am crazy for thinking that I could watch the Slingbox on my other two TVs as well as it works in a web browser.



      Jonathan Gourd

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          Thank you for your post! It's good to know that I'm not the only one scratching my head over this oversite.  I was also amped to see that the slingplayer was available in the roku channel store. But it is useless....hopefully not for long  Like you previously stated, why would we require a 3rd device just to link.  It's ridiculous.  I do not own a iphone or android phone, so that isnt an option.  I have the kindle fire, but that is of no use in this situation.  It's a hassle to connect my laptop to my tv to connect to my slingbox.  It also doesnt allow me to work on my laptop & view my cable at the same time.  So I usually end up watching Netflix, Amazon or HBO through my roku instead. I was even considering buying a refurb laptop just to watch my slingbox w/out tying up my computer. Again...ridiculous.  After dropping $300 on the new slingbox 500, I expected more options.


          I have reached out via chat w/ slingbox to find out if/when they will be getting on board w/ Netflix, Amazon, HBO & the many many other companies that allow the direct link between roku & their accounts.  The agent was not aware of anything in the works & she  didn't seem too familiar w/ roku.  Except for the fact that it isn't their product.   She did state that the channel was created due to customer requests, but didnt believe the direct link would ever happen.


          Here is her actual response " I do not believe there will ever be a direct connect the slingbox was designed to view your home cable mainly at remote locations on mobile products."

          She kept referring me to the forums stating that the engineers will see it. I Love my Rokus! I have 3 and need to get one more for the office and all 3 of my Rokus didnt cost my half of what my slingox cost.  I would be willing to purchase the Slingplayer App/Channel on my roku.  The ipad app sells for $15, why not make it available in roku's channel store for the same price.  My brother is not happy w/ them also charging for the apps after paying so much for the slingbox, but I would be willing to purchase it. The convienence of it would be worth it to me. 


          Anyway I am hoping that the company is paying attention & is already working on this.  So maybe I can learn to love my Slingbox, as much as my Rokus.   ;-)

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              They quietly pulled the Roku channel over the weekend. Hopefully they heard us and are working on a fix. If, as they said it is only for remote watching via mobile devices, then why does it support 1080p over LAN?


              Please, please, fix it and bring it back soon.

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              I am also trying to use the Slingbox on Roku with the following hardware:  Samsung Galaxy SIII phone running Android 4.1.2.  Roku 3 box, Slingbox SOLO, Tivo Premiere XL.  The Slingbox software runs flawlessly for viewing the Slingbox on my phone at home or away.  If I try, however, to use it at home to send the video to my Roku, it doesn't find the names of the Roku boxes (we have two), but lists "Roku 1" and "Roku 2".  The Roku app on the same phone correctly lists the boxes as "Family Room Roku" and "Bedroom Roku".  The Roku app works perfectly to change Roku channels, etc.  The Slingbox app does not.  If I click on the "Send to" icon in this app, the TV blinks and goes to the Slingbox channel, but that's it.  On the phone I get the message to load the Slingbox on Roku app and the choice of  "Retry" or "Cancel".    This is really frustrating since the Slingbox app is one of the most expensive in the Playstore and being able to watch our Tivo on the basement TV while exercising would be terrific in this cold weather.  SLINGMEDIA, please fix this!!!

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                ktlnoc Newbie

                I'm seeing the exact same issue and asking myself why I wasted my time on this combination.  I watch tv at home from my slingbox at work on a laptop and have been hoping for a chance to watch the slingbox on Roku.  Now to only find that it will only work using a third device an iphone or android is unexceptable.   I'll be boxing my Roku up and hauling it back to the store first chance.  This is such a dissapointment.  Apparently Slingbox isn't interested in getting this wide open market.



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                  I couldn't agree more with these other Sling customers.


                  Can you please let us know how the Sling Team intends to respond to this failure?  Based on the user responses in this forum, your customers are very disappointed with your Roku "solution".  I purchased a Roku specifically for this feature - what a waste!  Not to mention the fact that some people don't want to use Wi-Fi with slingbox to ensure the highest quality viewing experience (especially if they have poor coverage or live in a densely-populated building with considerable radio interference).  This "app" makes so many assumptions:


                  1. You have an Apple or Android smart device

                  2. You purchased the SlingPlayer application on that device

                  3. You have a good/consistent Wifi signal to use

                  4. You don't mind using a touchscreen as a remote/guide

                  5. You aren't going to do ANYTHING else with your smart device while watching slingbox.  (what if the phone rings, HAH!)


                  This is a joke.  Please, please, please respond (and I wouldn't mind if you happened to let slip that you intend to release a proper, stand-alone Roku channel that is more in-line with the GoogleTV/WDTV Live solutions that have existed for YEARS).

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                      You are so right, the Roku Channel is indeed a cruel joke! I have a Slingbox 350 purchased in November and I originally purchased 2 Roku streamers for my beach house in SC. I have been through all of the "recommended" trouble shooting by Sling and even Roku, having open trouble case numbers with both. Nothing will make this abomination work and I finally returned the Roku's to Amazon for credit. I have since purchased a WD TV Live with its own native Sling Player app built in. Finally something that works! This is Sling's problem this whole Roku fiasco. Tech support from Roku stated that Sling designed the Roku channel to their specs as well as the Phone apps, so in other words if it doesn't work it's not their problem. They also told me if enough customers complain about this channel they "Roku" will make them take it down until it works.

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                      I agree.  The Roku Slingbox player is utterly useless unless yo have an Android phone or an iPhone.  I wish to wasth TV without using my phone to do so.  Why would I have a TV if I wanted to watch on a phone?  This is a ridiculous solution for most Roku users.  I can see the logic of Roku and Slingbox here.  They put out a free Roku app and then force you to buy an Android app.  Weel, they can keep theri money because all I did was to go out and buy a WD TV Live box wich does exactly what I need.


                      I can see the usefulness of having the ability to use the phone if, for instance, you are at a hotel and you have your Roku with you and you connectt it to the hotel's TV and then use their free WiFi to watch you own cable TV from your own Slingbox.  Honestly, how many people are going to do that?


                      Please Roku/Slingbox put out an app that works like every other Roku app and uses the LAN to connect to the Slingbox.  By all means keep the phone option, it's a neat option but, that's all it is, an option.  The real connecttion needs to come via my home LAN.


                      Why am I posting this having already bough a WD TV Live box?  It's simple, my wife understands the simple user interface of the Roku.

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                          The wife factor is huge. My first two wives couldn't understand why the TV wasn't on CH3 in order to watch set top boxes. They just couldn't fathom that TVs now have "inputs". My current one gets it but thinks the Roku is way better then the WD Live and the NetGear NetGeo or whatever it's called. She loves being able to use Aereo on the Roku so she uses that for news and switches to the Slingbox when she wants to use the DirectTV DVR.

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                          I am having the same exact problem as all the others and after hours on the phone with both roku and sling box not a solution as of yet, each of them is saying contact the other..... really not good on either roku's or slingbox's part to not look into this matter and get a resolve.