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    Slingbox 500 and horrible quality during peak hours




      First let me start off by stating that I am a computer consultant and am very familiar with the basic troubleshooting steps and I've isolated the issue to either being an ISP issue or something on slingbox's servers


      I have a sling box for a little over a year and support over the phone didn't help me because I am out of warranty


      I purchased a slingbox a while ago and didn't make much use of it until recently


      What I realize is that anytime after 12 pm EST it is impossible to use my slingbox on HD or on one of the better qualities. I always need to downgrade to one of the two bad qualities. I also have an iPad and it's the same story, I cannot use HD


      My house where slingbox is installed - internet is 101/35. I never have any speed issues, ever. Location where I am watching from - this does not just occur in one location, so that doesn't really make a difference. However what I can say is that my top 3 locations each have a minimum 50 mbps pipe


      I am starting to make a little more use of my slingbox remotely and it's just useless. Tried watching a movie just now and had to downgrade the quality


      Slingbox is connected via Component cable to my cable box


      Asked slingbox support to at least give me the IP address of slingbox's servers so maybe I can see if it is an ISP issue. She didn't even know what I was talking about, she just gave me my local and public IP of where my slingbox is connected.


      If anyone can assist or a moderator can look further into this issue, that would be great

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey jades1,


          You stated this issue is during peak hours. Since it is during peak hours, this could be an issue with choking or bottlenecking on your network.


          I would recommend reading this article to learn more about this:


          Best Regards,

          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Nope not an issue. I've tested my network too many times to prove that there's no issues

              It could possibly be an ISP interconnect or backhaul issue, that's why I at least want the host or IP that my sling box connects to, that way I can ask my ISP to reroute

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                  OvCollyer Apprentice

                  Assuming your Slingbox is setup correctly, the stream will be transmitted direct from the Slingbox to your viewing location.


                  You need to make sure either UPnP is turned on and working correctly at the location of your router, or if you aren't using UPnP then the TCP port your Slingbox uses must be forwarded manually. This will allow the best type of connection for the Slingbox. Without this being setup it's possible it is using the 'Relay' or 'SNATT' method to stream, the former will bounce the stream via some server somewhere ('maybe amazon cloud or something).


                  The most valid test you should try when this happens is a speed test from the viewing location to the same city as where your Slingbox is located. Use global speedtest dot net where you can choose a server.


                  If this also shows a slowdown then it could be a routing issue and using a proxy server may help.


                  If it doesn't show a slowdown then ISP throttling could be a possibility. I am getting something similar these days during the evenings - speed test shows a fast connection between London (Slingbox location) and Istanbul (viewing location), typically 4.5mbps to 5mbps which is essentially as fast as my download here can go. However, the Slingbox won't stream at more than 2-2.5mbps during these times. Come the next day, speed test reports identical results but the Slingbox can stream at the full 4.5-5mbps again. I haven't worked it out yet, I've tried various VPNs, proxies etc to try and evade any throttling but I'm beginning to think it is something else, though I can't put my finger on it yet.


                  Hope this helps.