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    Windows 8.1 app feature requests

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      I have seen the announcement regarding the release of an app for Windows 8.1.


      A couple of things I'd like to see:


      - make it stream 50/60 fps (this was broken with the last web player plugin)

      - it would be great if you considered how it will work in a big screen environment, ie can you add keyboard shortcuts for choosing which Slingbox to connect to, to switch into full screen, and keyboard shortcuts for all the buttons on the remote? (sometimes these shortcuts are missing). This would make it easier to hook up a hardware remote to control it and setup a dedicated PC for Sling viewing, without needing to use a mouse or touchpad to control it. Essentially make it fully controllable using keys.

      - don't forget proxy server support, makes a big difference for some of us in the streaming speeds we can get!