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    Tried AirPlay again...but...


      I've had a SlingBox HD-PRO for many years now and primarily used it with a SlingCatcher at a vacation home.  When that SlingCatcher broke I tried the iPad AirPlay to AppleTV route but the aspect ratio issues were always too frustrating.  I got a cheap NeoTV instead.  I never really used it at home.


      After the recent news about a new SlingPlayer app I decided to just give it a try tonight here at home.  My SlingBox is hardwired to my network, the AppleTV is hardwired to the network, and I'm sitting right here next to my AirPort Extreme with both and iPad 3 and iPhone 5. 


      - Starting with the iPad I turned on AirPlay...audio only.  Video stayed on the iPad.  Odd.  So I rebooted both the AppleTV and iPad...nothing.  Still Audo only with the video staying on the iPad.  Frustrating.  As an FYI, the video quality on the iPad is fantastic so it's not a bandwidth issue.


      - Picked up the iPhone 5.  Audio and Video worked fine over AirPlay...but still faced with the annoying aspect ratio issues which have been there for YEARS.  The HD signal from NBC shows up on my flatscreen squished with black bars on the top and bottom.  This is a sling-specific issue as everythign else on the AppleTV looks fantastic.  As is reported on other threads here, changing the aspect ratio on the app does nothing.


      While I conceptually love SlingBox, more and more I find it impossible to recommend to others due to all these annoying issues.