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    Watch cable TV in another room


      Hi there

      Which product/products should I buy if I want to watch cable TV that I have in the main room in another room? (this second room has internet connection but no anntenna). Do I need 2 slingboxes? or 1 slingbox connected to the cabel box and one apple tv?

      which will be the set up?


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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey pablofu,


          The Slingbox is quite interesting, actually. For the Slingbox to work properly, you would only need to buy one and connect it to your network and a video source (ie. DVD player, Blu-ray player, cable box, DVR, Satelitte Receiver etc...). You can then stream it to your computer from Watch on Slingbox.com. You can also stream the Slingbox to your phone or tablet through the mobile store located on the phone. You would simply download the SlingPlayer application for the said device. To view the Slingbox on your TV, you would need a device that we refer to as a connected device. These devices have the SlingPlayer application previously installed on it, and you would just need to login to your Sling accout to view the Slingbox.


          Below is a link to each device that we currently support:


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