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    Video Input: Coax / Basic Cable


      Good Morning. Comcast recently "upgraded" the service that now requires you to have a digital box and set the tuner to channel 3. This is not a problem for my HD DVR since it is connected to the "Component" input. However, I used to watch basic cable remotely when my family was using the HD DVR at home.


      Here is the question: Has this Comcast "upgrade" rendered my usage of the Coax: Basic Cable?


      Thank you.

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          eferz Expert

          I think you now have basic digital cable over coax.


          The Slingbox Pro-HD's digital tuner supports Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) and  clear QAM (unencrypted digital cable) broadcasts. To use the internal digital tuner you'd use "Cable service (without a cable box)".  To use standard analog over-the-air (OTA) then you'd use "Antenna".  Finally if you have a set-top tuner which broadcasts on channel 3/4 then you'd use "External box (cable box, satellite receiver, DVR, etc)."  These options are available in "ANT IN" video source configuration of the Setup Assistant within the Slingplayer.

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              I live in Washington DC and have been unable to activate the coax signal input on my Slingbox PRO HD

              despite the fact there are dozen or more unencrypted digital TV signals available and I bought a socalled

              digital TV antenna with a signal amplifier booster attached. Can anyone explain why?

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              I live in the San Jose / Santa Clara area where Comcast implemented a similar upgrade.  Using the Coax input of my PRO-HD, I am able to view and stream the clear QAM cable channels.