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    Finally, the app I've been waiting for!

    adamvanpelt Newbie

      To the Sling Media team:


      While the new iPad app released today is not perfect (i.e. I can't AirPlay content in the app (not mirroring) and have it show up on my TV in 16:9 format), it is much better than previous versions of the iPad app which were borderline unusable.


      For starters, for the first time since I downloaded the iPad app over a year and a half ago, this afternoon I was able to watch a full hour of TV with the SlingPlayer for iPad app on my lunch break without the picture freezing, stuttering, or simply stopping with an error that the connection to the Slingbox had been lost.


      Over the past few weeks, these problems were getting progressively worse to the point that I considered putting my Slingbox Solo in the closet and writing it and the Sling Media company off as a waste of time and money.


      Enter version 3.0 of the iPad app today; and all of the connection problems with my Slingbox Solo have seemingly vanished.  I knew the connection issues with the SlingPlayer apps were rooted in the apps themselves and not my Slingbox, its firmware, or the internet connection on either end.  This was all but confirmed today when the only thing that changed was the update to the iPad app itself.  My Slingbox Solo is still connected to the same 25 down/5 up connection and I'm still sitting behind a 105 down/20 up connection.  My Solo still has the same firmware on it that it's had since October 2012.  The ONLY thing that changed was the app.  I haven't tested the iPhone app update but I hope the result is the same.


      I have two requests: Please allow 16:9 AirPlay from within the app.  Right now, it's more of a 4:3 aspect ratio with black space on either side of the picture.  Adjusting the aspect ratio while AirPlaying from within the app changes nothing.


      Secondly, please allow backgrounding of the app while AirPlaying.  What I mean is that it would be nice if AirPlay video to my Apple TV would continue running even if the SlingPlayer app was placed into the background (but not force closed entirely).  This way, I could continue doing other things on my iOS devices while AirPlay continued streaming the SlingPlayer content to my Apple TV.


      Today, the SlingPlayer for iPad app finally got to the place where it could actually be worth the steep $29.99 price tag, in my opinion.  Thank you!  Now, please (and I mean this in all seriousness) do NOT break the app again with updates in the future.  Please test and re-test all future versions of your apps the same way you tested this app to ensure that the current core functionality continues to work well (or improves) with new features and fixes in the future.