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    iPhone and iPad works over 3G but cannot connect WiFi


      My iPhone and iPad both will connect to Singbox Pro HD using 3G. But when try with WiFi at the restruant it tries and hangs on optimiizing at 0%. Then tell me to besure Singbox and phone have internet access. At home the WiFi work fine. Any reason when WiFi will not work? Have had it working at other home WiFi locations. I tried Netflix just incase they were blocking video stream, Netflix worked fine.

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          eferz Expert

          If you can access your Slingbox over 3G then that means it can be accessed over the internet.  However, it sounds like the restaurant's WiFi isn't supporting public access to it.  Slingbox uses TCP port 5001 by default.  It could be that the restaurant is either blocking that port or using it for their own  nefarious purpose.


          As for your "test", Netflix uses port 80 for its audio/video streams and port 443 for its authentication services.  So, while that may be a good test for a video stream, it isn't a good test to access your Slingbox's video stream.  If connecting to your Slingbox at this particular location is important to you, then you can try changing your Slingbox and the router's respective Port Fowarding rule to a different port number, like 443 or 80.  Since we know those ports are accessible by your Netflix test.

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              I have this same problem. My iPhone works on 3G but not on wifi. My computer won't work on wifi either. But it's just this specific network. On other networks 3G and wifi both work. I did a port scan for my current IP address and only ports 22, 23, and 443 are open. I scanned my slingbox public ID address for port 5001 and it said it's open. What I don't understand is if the port scan tool says port 80 is blocked then how does YouTube and every other website work? I wish slingbox internet player would work just like any other website. I'm at company housing that has a separate network for personal use and I can't access the router settings. It's supposedly not firewalled either. The only reason I got a slingbox was to watch tv here.. I have a slingbox pro HD and a MacBook. I'm going to try changing my slingbox to port 443 tomorrow but I'll be surprised if it actually works.


              Edit: Also I read that Yahoo Messenger uses port 5001. Yahoo Messenger works fine on my computer yet the port scanner says its blocked on my current IP address. It's only open when I scan it with my slingbox public IP address.

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                I have exactly the same problem. I can access my slingobx using the iPad Slingplayer over 3G from my friend's house, but not via wifi over his router. I can access netflix and other streaming video sites. How do I fix this? Do I have to change his router settings? Do I have to repeat this with every wifi router I plan to use? Isn't there a more universal solution to this problem?