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    Direct connection via IP address




      I am trying to get access to my SlingBox over Slingplayer for the Web at work. However I am not able to get access, probably due to the Office's firewall setting. Therefore I wanted to try to get direct access by just using my SlingBox's IP address instead of the Sling ID, which used to be possible a while ago. However it seems that I cannot add my slingbox's IP address in the Slingbox Directory anymore?


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          The only way I'm aware of to add a Slingbox that's purely an IP address (no Slingfinder) to your Sling Account (Sling ID) is to use SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows.  The "For Windows only" section of this article should work (note the "For Mac OS" section is correct as well, but only affects that particular Mac because the legacy SlingPlayer for OS X doesn't use Sling Accounts).