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    Can not configure or connect to SOLO via LAN or remotely


      Hi, I have recently moved my Slingbox and can not get it working since.  I have this hooked up to a Dish Network VIP 622 DVR with the RCA Cables hooked up to the output of TV2 (I had always gotten TV2 on it before) on the back of my Dish Box and into the RCA matching input no the back of the Slingbox.


      I have the IR Remote plugged in, the ethernet connection and power in per the intructions, too, on the Slingbox.


      When I try to "Watch" via Slingbox.com, it shows MY SLINGBOX in the directory of my account, yet says it is unconfigured.  As I click on that, it says that the Slingbox is detected.  Then as I proceed, all looks good as "Slingbox is up to date with the newest software."  After I hit next from that screen, my PC churns and burns for a few minutes with the hourglass showing so that I can not click on anything else.  After a few minutes, I get the message that "The connection attempt fails.  Make sure that the Slingbox you are trying to watch is on, connected properly, set up for remote viewing and not blocked by firewall."


      I am going crazy trying to figure this out.  The power is on, and I have hit reset every time I try.  As I double check the Support screen, it shows the matching Public IP, Private IP and Port of 5001.  I have both used the Set Up wizard to manually remove the firewall and done with without the wizard to no avail.  I have even gone to my control panel and turned off the firewall for everything.


      The Slingbox is shown in my network, a 2WIRE 2701HG-B Gateway and the Sling website shows that I have accessed my box as I try this, but it will not connect or let me configure things.


      I have even tried unplugging everything, resetting the router and the SOLO by unplugging it too, with no luck.

      It worked fine until the location of the box was moved.  The DISH NETWORK TECH pulled all the wires out and re-connected it, so I did not see what was hooked up where before he did that.  The folks at Dish will not help me with this since SLINGBOX is not their product, even though I got my SOLO from them.


      I know I have read on some of these posts that something may have burned out, but both lights are on, it flashes as it should when reset, too.  I just got this last November, so it is under warranty, just off tech support.


      Any help would greatly be appreciated!  THANKS!

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          OK.....an update to this....after playing with this endlessly, I dug a bit deeper and instead of trying to do all this directly through www.slingbox.com and the "WATCH" tab, I downloaded the SLINGPLAYER 2.0.4 to my desktop.  Now I had never needed this in the past, as I configured via the WATCH button at www.slingbox.com in the past.


          I was able to configure the SOLO and watch it via the LAN connection.  I followed through all steps and set up internet viewing, etc.  I then disconnected the LAN Cable Connection, and still can connect via MY own wireless connection via the SLINGPLAYER icon on my desktop.  I have not yet tried remotely, will give that a whirl at the office tomorrow.


          My big question is that I still cannot connect to my Slingbox SOLO via the WATCH LINK at www.slingbox.com.  Did they kill that link and does all have to go via the SLINGPLAYER download now?


          I guess I will find out tomorrow when I try to connect at the office, but any advice would be appreciated!



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              eferz Expert

              No, they didn't kill the watch link at www.slingbox.com


              If your Slingbox did not have a reserved or static IP address, then its possible it got a different IP address from the DHCP server.  If it got a different IP address then it is also possible that the port forwarding rule of your firewall hasn't been updated to match.  The webslingplayer uses the Slingbox Accounts information to connect to your Slingbox.  The Slingbox Accounts is updated at certain intervals by the Slingbox.  So, there's a couple reasons why you might not have been able to connect using the webslingplater.


              The stand-alone Slingplayer; however, attempts to determine if a Slingbox is accessible within the local network then it checks your Slingbox Accounts for other boxes that are accessible to you over the internet.


              (Personally, I use a static IP address to avoid conflicts)


              One way to test accessibility of your Slingbox is to use http://www.canyouseeme.org at home.  Input the port of Port Forwarding rule for your Slingbox, and it will test to see if it can get a response.

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                  Hi eferz...thanks for the help.  I used that link and it shows the prope public IP address that also showed success in seeing my service on port 5001 for the Slingbox.  It also says Your IPS is not blocking Port 5001.


                  Now to add more craziness.....I am able to watch my slingbox via the WATCH tab on Slingbox.com while at the office.  It still will only let me watch viat he SlingPlayer at home.  I guess I should not complain since I do have access at all places, but it just does not make sense to me.


                  I do have a static IP address that is consistent both on my AT&T DSL NETWORK  Home Page and the stats that Slingbox shows.


                  Any other thoughts?


                  Thanks again!