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    Periodically low bitrade 2 hours every day



      I have problem with low bitrate in Japan, but only 2-3 hours between 8 pm-10 pm every day. My two Slingboxes (one PRO HD and one 350) are located in Sweden and the Slingbox.com is accessed from Japan/Okinawa.  My ISP in Sweden is Bredband2 and the ISP in Japan is Skynet.  I had tried different kind of VPN/proxes with no result on the bitrate.  The bitrate is normaly 1300-1400 kb/S but 8-10 pm it’s only 400-500 kb/s.  I had also tried FTP between the ISP in Sweden and Japan and the bandwith is the same all the time. No difference using UDP instead of TCP.

      Has anyone out there any idée whats the problem ?