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    Can't install the browser plug-in


      I've tested the new Slingbox 500 at home (Montreal, Canada) on my Mac and on the laptop of my mother-in-law and everything worked fine. Now she's in Florida and she wants to watch TV on another laptop but we can't make it work. It's really not easy to troubleshoot at distance with someone who is not really good with computers. We talked on the phone and it seems that she can't install the browser plug-in on her Windows laptop (it's another laptop not the same that she has in Montreal but the one in Florida is much more recent). It don't remember exactly what was the error message that she got but there was the mention "based on your settings" in it. It is really annoying. She paid for that Slingbox 500 and she wants to watch French Canadian programming in Florida.


      It is the very first time that we try to access the Slingbox from outside our home network. Any idea what could be the problem?