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    Full Screen Remote


      The timer that makes the remote dissappear is too short. I get three clicks and then the remote is gone. I have to jiggle the mouse, then 3 more clicks and gone. Is there a way to lengthen the timer?

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          leanne.sling Newbie

          Hello there,


          Thank you for posting to the forums with your question! I can understand how the remote disappearing could be frustrating. I would suggest that you try these articles I have listed to see if they help resolve the issue. 



          Kind regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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              Interesting, but no help.


              •   Using SlingRemote


              "In the SlingPlayer viewer window, choose Remote Keys from the Connect menu."


              What Connect menu?



              •   Control mode


              "Manual: Choose Settings > Player > Control Mode to put SlingPlayer in Control Mode."


              I have no "Player" option under my settings menu.



              The problem is that the remote hides in about 3.5 sec. without mouse movement. Mouse clicks do not affect the

              timeout. I would suggest the following:


              1) Mouse click extends timeout.

              2) Lengthen timeout.



              Ken Bailey

              Falmouth Software Works Ltd.


              Yesterday it worked

              Today it is not working

              Windows is like that.




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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  Some confusion has crept in here as I don't think the moderator understood your question.   The 2 points you raised are valid, because  that advice applies ONLY to the standalone Desktop Player, which Sling stopped supporting a long time ago.   As so often happens with Sling, the new web-based player removed quite a lot of options including those 2 menu options.  Not sure why you were pointed to those articles.


                  For the moderators, the problem is that in a recent software update the 'timeout' for the remote disappearing in full screen mode has been drastically reduced.    I also find it very frustrating as if I am trying to advance tracks I find that the remote disappears after I have tapped just twice.  In my view it would make much more sense to leave the remote image displayed if the mouse is positioned on the remote, then make it disappear when the mouse cursor is moved.


                  So just to emphasise, this is NOT a bug report, so your usual method of pointing us to articles is not appropriate.  It is just to say we do not like a feature that was intentionally changed by your engineers in the latest release.

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                These are my observations of using both interfaces (please note I mostly use this on my internal LAN with gigabit switches and Wifi kept to a minumum, where Powerline is used it is AV quality running at 500Mbits).  If Sling doesn't address this I will video capture the response speed and the disappearing remote that doesn't help.


                • Web interface
                • Sling Player
                • Sling Player for iPad (since you have to stump up again for the iPhone version)


                The problem here is unacceptable performance in both interfaces and this is what I've noticed:


                WEB INTERFACE

                The web interface tends to provide better throughput but there's no visible bitrate quality meter but it's noticably better.  But the remote option is terrible. The response time to control any function (let alone the time it spends on screen) is absolutely awful.  When winding through advertisements, the web remote control takes about 10 seconds to send the command wherever it goes - does it go up to the internet?)  Additionally you may as well not have a preview because you will be 10 minutes into the next part before the Slingbox will even respond.


                I mean the whole point of the device is to 'sling' video elsewhere so using the remote locally for a test is pointless.



                The Slingplayer interface is far more customisable (colour/brightness/contrast balance) plus the remote control is MUCH more responsive.  The problem here (probably due to lack of development/support is that the bandwidth/throughput on a LAN diminishes considerably.  I have to run a VPN for my external connections but it impacts on the LAN connection.  Without the VPN I can get a throughput of 7000+bps and a responsive remote, and with it on I average out at 2000 bps dropping in and out - down to zero and disconnecting for no apparent reason.  The image gets blocky and sound drops out, that's when it doesn't freeze ever 5 seconds for a couple of seconds.


                All in all, Sling are not providing a very good software for their product.  I suspect that by using the internet to logon to the feed provides a detailed feed of what you're watching to their servers for some future reason.


                IPAD PLAYER

                Well not only do you have to pay for the hardware, you get 'free' access to these mediocre (above) solutions.  However if you have a tablet or an iPhone you get charged a premium for the privilege.  Then when you get the software, it's as unresponsive as the web interface.


                So sling are trying to have their cake and eat it.  There's no point attaching a HD source to one of their boxes since you won't get a decent throughput.  You may as well just hope that the aerial is pointing in the right direction and not 'ghosting' onto an analogue channel.


                They've got complacent and without some complaints we are going to be left with this mediocre support.  I have used it outside the home on the internet but the delays for remote control (without being able to select the old control mode) is absolutely pointless.  However the picture quality is ok, but that'[s not enough.


                Beware Sling Media, someone will come up with a better product and will improve upon yours so don't count your chickens cos I will jump for a better service.

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                  With the latest software, this problem has been eliminated. The remote remains visible as long as the mouse pointer is over the remote. Thank you very much, Sling.