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    sony nsz-gs7 - Help


      Here's where I am at, have a Slingbox 500 connected directly via cat6 to my NetGear R6300 router, I have Comcast as my provider at the broadcast end and average about 14 – 17 Mbps up. I did manullay set port forward 5201and had better results.

      I am reasonably technical, after the basic setting didn't work so well , I tried turning on QOS and matching it to the MAC address of the Sony box and setting it to highest priority but no matter what I tried quality of signal stinks.
      When I go the check the Quality setting and have it test the network, it says connection to Internet 12 – 14 Mbps (on average) connection to sling player can range anywhare from 5.8 ( best ever) down to 1Mb .

      I understand 5Mb's is not terrible but it has a hard time holding that connection speed. I would like to see a range from 9Mb to 5Mb

      I test my upload speed at my home location (10 - 14 upload) using Gotomypc.com & speedtest.net and at the recieving point averaging speeds well within spec. (and above 11 - 14 download)

      Is my router suspect , any suggestion on router settings ?

      Is there anyway to map the Slingbox 500 on port 5201 to the Sony Google TV to port # ?



      Any help greatly appreciated


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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello skidazys,


          Welcome to the answer forums. With you having the router being opened up at the home for port 5201 you could also try to go into the setting at the home location and reverse port forward that side of the System. After opening the port on the location where the Sony is you may get a much better speed than what you are receiving now. You can do this the same way that you opened the port on the local network just open 5201 for the Sony on network away from home.


          If you try this please let us know if it gets any better for you.


          Hope this helps,

          Thank you,

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              Hi  <https://community.sling.com/people/cr4ig4llen> cr4ig4llen,




              Thank-you for getting back to me and I will try it, however I do not understand  "setting at the home location and reverse port forward that side of the System" ?


              I tried goggling reverse port forwarding but can find a clear understanding. And which port do you suggest I open on the Sony side  as I do not know what port it needs and have not been able to find that info either ?




              I will be upgrading my network to FIOS and will have upload speeds of 35, do you think that will help or is the hardware & not the actual network speeds ?