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    Slingplayer for iphone won't connect over 3G (in UK)


      I've just bought a slingbox 350 as well as the ipad and iphone apps.  Everything works if i'm connected on either my home wifi network or a a remote wifi network, but when I try to connect via 3G on my iphone it goes to locating... connecting.... then fails.  I'm on giffgaff and am certain I have the upload / download speeds required.  What makes it more confusing is that I have the option of using a VPN on my iphone and when I connect the VPN over 3G I am able to connect to my slingbox and have a perfect picture.


      My VPN subscription expires shortly and I won't be renewing,  Can anyone suggect how to fix this problem or is it likely that my network (giffgaff - running on the O2 network) has blocked slingbox?