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    Can I install my slingbox in Venezuela (South America)



      I'm living in Canada and my backhome is Venezuela.

      I would like to know if i can set up the slingbox on my mom's house in Venezuela and watch all the chanels here in Canada.


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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello juanemendezg,


          Welcome to the answer forums. With the unit being designed for the US and Canada we can not guarantee that it will work in Venezuela. You could try to hook up that unit in Venezuela and you may have to lie to the system to make is show as though it was in the US or Canada. If you need a remote you can always post back at answers.slingbox.com and post in our remote request and a Developer or another forum member would be able to get that remote made for you. I do want to stress that if the unit does not work in Venezuela there is no technical support we could give you due to the fact that the unit is being setup in a place it is not supported.


          Hope this helps,

          Sling Moderation Team