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    SlingPlayer for iPad iOS 5


      I have an original iPad. Will SlingPlayer work for iOS 5?

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi johnvic,


          Thanks for using our forums. You have a great question! Slingplayer will work with iOS 5, as long as it is the iPad first generation. There is an app in the store that will allow you to use iOS 5 if you had the iPad 1st generation. 


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          The Sling Moderation Team

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            Actually, that is incorrect - unless you have previously purchased SlingPlayer for iPad, it is unavailable for the iPad 1. The current version of SlingPlayer for iPad requires iOS 7, and the iPad 1 is limited to iOS 6 (or lower).


            However, you may run SlingPlayer for iPhone on the iPad in Compatibility Mode - it actually looks great, even though it is 2x larger. But again, unless you have previously purchased SlingPlayer, you're unable to run it on an iPad 1 - minimum iOS for SlingPlayer for iPhone is iOS 6.1. (highest available on iPad 1 is iOS 5.1.1)


            Please see the footnote here for more info on iPad compatibility:


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              Is there an answer to this last question? I just bought a new PRO-HD and everything I read prior to purchase (e.g.  http://uk.slingbox.com/go/spm) indicated that my iPad1 could be used. However I now come to trying to install the Slingplayer App and neither version says it will work on the iPad1 meaning I have no way to access my Slingbox!! HELP!!