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    WD Live TV - Error Code 16


      I can get my Slingbox 350 to play on a Win 8 PC, but when trying to use the WD Live TV I can get to the device and actaully bump me off the Win 8 PC to take control but the built in app fails with the error code: "HTTP Error Error retrieving source IR controls (code:16)".   I can not find anything about this code and have tried every possible setting.   WD Support has no idea what the error is.    The sling box 350 seems nice, but I need an appliance to use this at a lake house and do not want a PC connected to the TV.


      Sling Box 350 is connected to a AT&T Uverse new Motorola box.  The virtual remote works on the PC.


      What else can I try before I return all of this?