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    SlingCatcher could not connect to this Slingbox due to a network error


      I have a SlingCatcher and a Slingbox PRO-HD.  I use the SlingCatcher from Europe   I have had the SlingCatcher since Nov 2009 and it has been working great.  Recently, however I have not been able to use it and received this message; I am able to use SlingPlayer from my PC on this same European home network:


      “Sorry, SlingCatcher could not connect to this Slingbox due to a network error, please try again.”


      I have tried again unsuccessfully, called technical support where they asked me to purchase from some service plan options before they would consider honoring warranty.   This is another issue, not what I wanted to discuss.


      Here is what I have tried thus far


      (1) Reset my SlingCatcher, which downloaded new firmware

      (2) static IP address


      My question is have any of you experienced similar problem SlingCatcher and found an effective solution?



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          I got additional information today:


          I took my SlingCatcher to a friend’s house that also has a SlingCatcher and tried to connect from his house to my SlingBox using my SlingCatcher, we got the same error (“Sorry, SlingCatcher could not connect to this SlingBox due to a network error, please try again.”).   Next we tried to sign on to his account and view his SlingBox, we were successful with no errors and good picture .  So the problem seems to be at the SlingBox though I am able to view TV on this same SlingBox via my SlingPlayer from my PC.


          Does anyone have some thoughts?



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              eferz Expert

              Have you tried connecting to your SlingCatcher from his Slingbox or his SlingCatcher from your Slingbox?

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                  I didn't try this.  We used my SlingCatcher and tried my SlingBox and then his SlingBox.  Mine didn't work and his did.

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                      eferz Expert

                      It sounds like you can't access your Slingbox in the US from either the Slingplayer Desktop or SlingCatcher.  So, you're probably going to have someone locally to check the Slingbox's current address and make sure the router's port forwarding rule matches.


                      One way of checking this, is to have someone local to the Slingbox to connect to http://www.canyouseeme.org.  Have them input the Slingbox's port (default 5001) into the edit box and click check.  The web server will try to back track through his router and test if it can connect to the device over that port.

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                          Thanks for your effort on this.  You have most of it correct, what is incorrect is that I CAN connect to my SlingBox from my SlingPlayer Desktop.  This is to the same SlingBox I am trying to connect to from my SlingCatcher and CAN NOT.  So I am able to see this SlingBox from my SlingPlayer but not from my SlingCatcher.


                          What do you think this could be?

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                            Akilla21 Newbie

                            During the recent breakdown of Slingmedia and its streaming services. My Slingcatcher has failed to connect to the Slingbox. However, my slingplayer can connect on either of my VPN or not VPN SoHo based networks. I was told by a colleague that there are few steps that must be taken on the Slingbox side that can't be done remotely.


                            I've verified that both TCP/UDP port 5001 is forwarding on both routers. As I can remote into my US router and see that port forwarding is enable. The one issue I see is that in my NAT table I do not see port 5001 in the translation only 5773. But I can stream with the player with no problems.


                            Is there a solution to getting my Slingcatcher to work again? Also, a few months ago, I stated that I would have a problem and the root cause would be Slingmedia's attempt to get funds from its consumers. And now my ideas are coming to attrition... If Slingmedia wants to charge for connections that would resolved a lot of connectivity issues they recently encountered. I'm sure none of the current subscribers would have an issue in paying as the interconnectivity they provide gives services to many US Personnel serving abroad.


                            Now, back to how I can get my catcher to work. I need a working solution.

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                                Akilla21 Newbie

                                ALL, I tried a few steps in resolving my issues. I first, put my Slingbox in a DMZ (not sure if that really fixed it.)

                                Then, I observed the NAT port translation from the US (SMC) router to the Germany Slingcatcher and I see it wasn't actually using port 5001, it is using 5717.

                                So, I added 5717/UDP to Port Fwd table and public port translation table on the US (SMC) router. I also added port 5717 to my Germany (Fritz Box) port fwd table. It already had 5001 but wasn't working.


                                Then, my slingcatcher came up. I think with the recent changes the default port 5001 is getting inundated with all the catchers and slingboxes out there, so other ports are being used. I will follow-up after a day when my Germany IP changes in 24hrs to see if the US router can re-sync the connection.


                                Email me if, you need additional help. As Slingmedia advertises advance support, but has anyone called the line lately. There is a 5 year old child doing the automated voice system and eventually the call re-routes to the main call menu only to disconnect your call when you enter option 1 for support. LOL


                                Wow, Slingmedia... I really wonder if a paid for service would improve the consumer support line. Aside from the 150Million that Slingmedia sold it's shares to EchoStar a few years ago. The CEO got paid, so I guess now he's like, "Oh well, I got my check."



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                                    Akilla21 Newbie

                                    UPDATE: Today, 10 Aug 2010, I'm having Slingcatcher problems again. I can still connect via the Slingplayer but the few minutes my catcher had connectivity it froze and lost connectivity. Also, I noticed port 5001 is trying to established on the US side. I can see it in the NAT table and I have it configured on both sides but the connection won't establish.


                                    US Router

                                    IndexProtocolLocal IPLocal PortPseudo IPPseudo PortPeer IPPeer Port



                                    Number 1-3 & 5-7 are the connections via my VPN router with the player

                                    Number 4 & 8-9 are outside the VPN with the Catcher


                                    Germany Non-VPN Router

                                    Slingbox 2TCP5001192.168.178.245001

                                    Man... It would be nice to get this resolved.
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                          Hi Kamaleson,


                          I am having the same problem.


                          I contacted sling team, should have a reply back within the hour, Did you finally get yours working?

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                            When you say static IP, do you mean you are setting a static IP on your slingcatcher?   Did you set your subnet mask correctly?   If not, you won't connect.   Stick with DHCP and let the slingcatcher do the work.   You could of course have a bad ethernet port on your slingcatcher.

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                              I have the exact same problem (can connect with both my iPod touch and computers but not the Slingcatcher).


                              Also, it seems that this occurred at about the same time as with others - was there a software uodate or something?

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                                i even have the same problem im so happy to no its not just me i honestly thought the catcher was broken or something but it allows me to use the projector and everything so it cant be the catcher i think im just gonna have 2 buy a new one.

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                                  ok i have same problem as well started at same time as everyone else - does anyone have a solution - i tried reset and reinstall same problem - i can connect via ipad and droid but not via any of my 3 catchers - nothing on router changed - i have a pro in another location and can still connect to that fine - the one im having problems with is based in uk

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                                    From Sling: "Since your Slingmedia product is older than 90 Days, the way to receive technical support from Sling Media via email, voice and chat is getting the Per Incident Support Agreement."


                                    So which ports do I need to forward? Do I need to be local to the slingbox to do it?

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                                      to everybody on here if u call i had posted that i was havin the same problem but i finally got my slingcatcher workin if you want tono how to solve your problem and get yours fixed call me at 3477543017 its to much to type thats why i rather tell u then type it i cant believe im a genius i fixed this **** im so happy.

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                                        Everyone - this problem has now been answered by at least two people on this page.  You need to fix the port forwarding on your router where the slingbox is connected.  I've been dealing with this problem for a year now, so have become a bit of an expert.


                                        In summary, you need to be logged into the same local network as your slingbox (if someone knows a way to both check the address for the slingbox and adjust the port forwarding in the router remotely, please let me know how!!)


                                        Anyway, here is a VERY detailed outline of how to do this.  Alternatively, you can open up a Sling service account, call Sling up about the problem, get a case number and then send someone to your home (with a computer that has downloaded the sling software along with all your relevant passwords) along with the Sling help number and the case number.


                                        For those that like to figure these things out on their own, see below (sorry - below is for Mac software; I would not expect the PC software to be much different):


                                        1) First: You need to get the IP, Router Address and Port Information


                                        Obtain IP and Router Addresses and Port Information

                                        Through the same local network where your Slingbox is connected, open Slingplayer Application

                                        Open “Slingbox Directory” under “Window” pane

                                        Click on LAN for you Slingbox; make sure highlight in blue and click “Edit”

                                        On next screen, there will be three tabs at top of screen “Connection”, “Configuration” and “Information”

                                        Click on “Configuration” tab

                                        Click “Change Network Settings”

                                        This takes you to “Slingbox Setup Assistant”

                                        In password box, enter your sling password and then click “Continue”

                                        Make sure remote access box is checked (“Check this box to watch your Slingbox outside of your home network.”)

                                        Press “Continue” again.

                                        Select “Manual (advanced)” setup and press “Continue”

                                        On next page, note (write down) the following:

                                        ·      IP Address (number in box next to “IP Address:”) WRITE DOWN IP ADDRESS

                                        ·      Router Address (number in box next to “Router:”) WRITE DOWN ROUTER

                                        Click “Continue”

                                        On next page note (write down) the port number (number in box next to “Use port number:”). WRITE DOWN PORT NUMBER

                                        Click “Continue” again.

                                        Click “Cancel”; confirm the cancel on the pop-up screen; then press “Done” on conclusion screen.


                                        2) Now, you need to input the IP/Router/Port information on Slingbox


                                        Input IP/Router/Port Information

                                        Open up Firefox web browser (Safari will not work for this process)

                                        Bring up web page: http://support.slingbox.com/get/network-assistant.html


                                        Input the info obtained above as follows:

                                        ·      IP Address number should be inputted in box next to “Slingbox IP Address:”

                                        ·      Router Address should be inputted in box next to “Gateway IP Address:”

                                        ·      Port number should be inputted in box next to “Slingbox Port:”

                                        For “Router Brand:” scroll down and select correct router brand

                                        For “Router Model:” select correct router model

                                        Click “submit”


                                        3)  Next, you need to bring up the webpage for your router.  If you do not know how to do this (or lost your instructions manual for your router), just search the model on the internet.


                                        Router Changes


                                        First bring up your router.  Usual configuration is something like: 192.XXX.1.1


                                        A pop up screen will come up requesting the username and password for the router.  Enter as follows:


                                        ·      Username: [GET FROM INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL OR FROM INTERNET SUPPORT FOR ROUTER]

                                        ·      Password: [SAME - IF YOU HAVE ALREADY RESET PASSWORD AND FORGOT, YOU WILL NEED TO REBOOT YOUR ROUTER]


                                        You need to figure out how to access the Port Forwarding page for your router.  Its different for each one.


                                        For Cisco Linksys N router, see below:


                                        You should follow directions in left column (and press the “Next” key as you progress).  This will take you through the following steps:

                                        ·      The next screen will be the Linksys set-up page.  There is a grey bar with white letters.  Highlight and click on “Applications & Gaming”.

                                        ·      Under column “Single Port Forwarding”, enter (if not already entered) “Slingbox” in the first empty box.  Enter 5001 in the “External Port” box and the “Internal Port” box.

                                        ·      Under column “To IP Address”, the last three digits should match the last three digits of the Slingbox IP Address that was located above.

                                        ·      Press “Save Settings” button at bottom of screen (in blue bar at bottom).


                                        Hope this helps


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                                          callanish Apprentice

                                          Everyone that is successfully connecting from the PC slingplayer software is running on a TCP stream, correct? Press alt.shift.i on the keyboard while streaming from the slingplayer pc software. Stream type should be TCP. If SNATT, then you'll have slingcatcher connection issues with your slingbox. If you have done all the port forwarding correctly on your router / slingbox, and see a TCP for streaming type, but are still receiving a network connection error from the slingcatcher, then it's time to call sling because the answer is way above my pay grade.

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                                              What do I do if it says RELAY?

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                                                Callanish, thanks for this comment it is helpful!  So if I see the SNATT does that mean the port forwarding has not been done correctly?  Or is there another reason?


                                                Thanks for you helpful imput!!

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                                                    callanish Apprentice

                                                    Basically, from my experience, the answer to your question is yes. From my understanding, a SNATT stream was always a fall back position when port forwarding wasn't done correctly to provide a TCP stream. If all you did was use the slingplayer software to watch your slingbox, and you had setup your router / slingbox the way I originally did, which was using automatic port forwarding through UPNP ( Universal plug in play ); you wouldn't notice anything and your slingplayer software would still be streaming without issues, but from day one, according to sling, the Slingcatcher doesn't do SNATT and this has created a lot ( not all ) of these failed networking connection issues. In my case, I was 5000 miles away from my slingbox and had to use remote software (logmein) to take control of a netbook computer at my home in the U.K to change my router settings and rerun the sling setup for manual port forwarding in order to make the slingcatcher work permanently. Haven't had any network connection issues with the slingcatcher since. If memory serves, I went to the following site, looked up my router and found the steps needed to correctly port forward my setup.




                                                    I wouldn't lock myself in and say that every failed network connection issue between the slingbox and slingcatcher is port forwarding related, but I will say as long as SNATT or RELAY is coming up under stream type, you're going to have connection issues when using the slingcatcher. What I've yet to figure out from my own personal setup was that originally I had my slingbox and UPNP capable buffalo router setup with automatic port forwarding ( no hardware firewall turned on) , and yet my slingcatcher could still connect to the slingbox for short periods of time and then after three days of use, the frustrating network connection issue would reappear. I got someone in the U.K to reboot a master switch for the cable modem / router / slingbox and then I could once again use the slingcatcher to connect to the slingbox, but unfortunately the cycle started all over again. I was told it was a router time lease issue with my IP address on the U.K side that was allowing it to work for a certain consistent period of time and then after that my slingbox could no longer call home to sling to tell my slingcatcher where to find my Solo, thus the network connection problem. The strange thing that confused me to no end was that when using the slingplayer software on the PC and pressing alt.shift,i on the keyboard, I was still running a SNATT stream, but could at the same time within that 3 day period still connect to the slingcatcher until the end of the third day when everything went south on both the slingcatcher and slingplayer software and needed a master reboot on the hardware in the U.K to get things up and running once again. If I only used the slingplayer pc software and not the slingcatcher, the slingbox would work indefinitely. Now that I've correctly setup TCP and UDP port forwarding on the router and did a manual port forwarding setup, rather than automatic using the slingplayer setup software, I'm now showing a successful TCP stream and have had no issues with the slingcatcher connecting to my slingbox. To this day, I just don't have a clue for why my slingcatcher still worked, even though I was still streaming SNATT on my PC because what I learned was that the catcher wasn't designed to do SNATT and if you're seeing it, a port forwarding issue somewhere in your setup could be the cause of those connection problems. If I had to take a guess on why things still worked for my catcher on a PC SNATT stream, I'd say that UPNP on the router was sending a temporary TCP stream for the catcher, but who knows!

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                                                        eferz Expert

                                                        Another good work around is to create an entry in your Slingbox directory for Sling ID, Public IP address, and Private IP address.  Sometimes the SPARCS server is quirky and doesn't always allow you to connect the Slingbox via Sling ID.  Of course, keeping up with the public IP address is kind of a pain in the *** if you aren't using DDNS.

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                                                          This post helped me figure out why my Slingcatcher was not working, even though I had gone through all the forwarding requirements ad nauseum. I only resolved the SNATT/TCP stream issue when I assigned my Slingbox IP address as a "DMZ host" on my router (a GSM router-Option Globesurfer III). I haven't really got a clue what that has actually done, but the Slingbox set up finally said I was successfully set up for internet viewing as soon as I did that, and my Slingcatcher worked for the first time! Oh joy. When I check the stream now, I am seeing TCP for the first time too. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this post. The simplicity of the walk through process for internet viewing in the Slingbox setup is really deceptive when a PhD in networking would have come in handy to get the Slingcatcher working!

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                                                      Having similar problem with my S-Catcher connec ting to my Solo.

                                                      But I have noticed that I can connect about half the time without a problem, though eventually it'll just stop - picture freezes, immediately press OPT button and see that the streaming is over 3000kbs.


                                                      Prior to recent crashing, it has been working fine and streaming has been upto ~5500kbs.

                                                      This all strated happening when I switched from PC to Mac.  Is the a correlation???


                                                      I can connect to my Solo via the SlingPlayer on my PC, Mac or iPod Touch w/out any problem while remote or on local net.


                                                      Is there a way to telnet or ssh in to the Slingcatcher to see log files or diagnoses the box?

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                                                        Akilla21 Newbie

                                                        Everyone, below is another method of troubleshooting that I'm using... Not as a method of troubleshooting the connectivity problem because you can't troubleshoot the connectivity problem. Slingmedia tech support will have believe that it is a cable, router, or pc problem on your end. Ruling out the firmware or memory of the slingbox.


                                                        Some of you may have this setup but in the past few weeks, I've been contacted by a few users as for help. So, I'm putting out what I do to rule out my network and components as the possible cause. And the more of you that is able to do the same, when can take this to Slingmedia with definitive troubleshooting.


                                                        1. Get Hamachi and/or Logmein.com - remote application on the PC where the Slingbox is

                                                        2. The router where the PC is open up remote management - nearly all routers have this feature. For me security you may have to input an outside IP for access. I have a Cloakbox that gives me a US IP over VPN that I use

                                                        3. I've ordered and had a family member place an AP7900 manageable power switch where the Slingbox is

                                                        4. Paid $50 for the support only to get a link to instructions for applying port forwarding. Only 10% helpful

                                                        Scroll to the bottom and find the router that you have the Slingbox connected to,
                                                        Then click, "Click here to skip the advertisement"
                                                        Scroll to the bottom and find "Slingbox"



                                                        Again, some points are useless based on Slingmedia business model that states, if you have access to the internet you can watch TV anywhere in the world. Every 3-4 days my Slingbox freezes and only a reboot fixes the issue. In the real IT world that is called a "Work Around" issue. The steps I've applied above only applies to freezing slingboxes, not the login issues. That too, is strickly a Slingmedia issue that they won't fix.


                                                        I'm curious to know how many users have completed this setup and feel 100% that it is not your network. If you have doubt or router has memory or performance problems, you must eliminate the doubt before yelling at Slingmedia. Of course, the techs are clueless and follow paper instructions and don't have any real insight, but at least you will be headache free and feel assured that it is not you.


                                                        I've called the tech support people 3 times after paying for the service and had the phone hung up on me twice, when I attempt to do real troubleshooting following OSI, TCP/IP, TIA/EIA 568-B, ANSI port type troubleshooting. When you apply the OSI model to troubleshooting this issue, you will come to an application layer problem that belongs to SLingbox, but they won't help you.


                                                        But please let me know what your results are after following my recommended guidelines.



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                                                          Akilla21 Newbie

                                                          @Heather, your problem sounds like a port forwarding issue. When my Slingbox works, my catcher and PC can connect with no issues.

                                                          I was able to get some information from Tech support that was helpful on this issue.


                                                          Most think they have port fowarding setup correctly and in my case I didn't. There is an extra feature in my SMC router in the states that create a virtual server that does a good job with the forwarding.


                                                          Goto www.portforwarding.com and search for your type of SoHo type router to find the specific instructions for your model of router. There are also, steps for setting up the Slingbox although you should have that working if you can connect with your PC.


                                                          Let me know how it goes.



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                                                              Hi Akilla21

                                                              Thanks for your help.  I am afraid that I am not very technical and don't really understand what you mean.  I have a BT Homehub in London.  How do I find this on the portforwarding website?


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                                                                  Akilla21 Newbie

                                                                  My apologies, I provided a bad web link. The correct page is www.portforward.com.


                                                                  You can either scroll down the list of routers or hit Ctrl+F on Windows, a search window will open. Type in your router type and see if it goes to the link. Once you open the link, you will need to skip pass the advertisement (Top right in orange banner area, "Click here to skip Advertisement"). Scroll down again, hit Ctrl +F and type in Slingbox this time.


                                                                  Note: As review each link and the screenshots you should be able to follow through on your actual router. Also, the steps are designed for the router where the slingbox is and not the catcher. If you can't access your router remotely, you may need to either work with a family member at home, or (and I hate to say this) pay for support with Sling Media and they will try and do the same steps.


                                                                  Sling Media will tell you that they need to access the PC where the Slingbox is, so if you don't have a PC in the US on the same LAN as the Slingbox, you may be in trouble. Local access is always needed when troubleshooting. Whether a computer with remote access functionality or a person that can physically touch the Slingbox.


                                                                  Let me know if that helps.



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                                                                      I'm having the same issue here.  iPad, iPhone, and Mac all connect fine to my SlingBox Pro HD but my slingcatcher (which used to work) is giving the "due to a network error" connection message (but I've confirmed it's connected to the internet).


                                                                      It appears from the discussion here that my slingbox router port forwarding WORKS for all my devices except for my catcher, but that they are likely still set incorrectly.  I'd hate to mess with my router settings (esp since I have to do so via  remote connection) only to mess it up on all other devices.


                                                                      I'm going to try to investigate the issue further.  If somebody could just confirm that my sling router can be setup to successfully port forward to several sling devices and yet STILL be setup incorrectly to forward to my catcher, that would be helpful.  At least to me...

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                                                                          Fixed my issue.  In my router it forwarded on port 5000 and I changed it to 5001.  Worked.


                                                                          I also see in that PortForward website that a UDP entry should also be entered.  I didn't do that and it works but if it stops working again I'll do that.

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                                                                              Now I'm having the issue again.  Able to connect to my slingbox using the software on my network but when I try using the catcher to connect, I get a "could not connect due to a network error."  Worked on this same network a week or so ago when I changed the port to 5001 instead of 5000.


                                                                              So I tried adding the UDP port forward of 5001 to my slingbox internal IP mirroring the TCP port forward of 5001 to that same internal slingbox IP.  For some reason I can't do this in my router settings.  It won't even let me disable the port forwarding I have setup on the TCP.  It will let me change the port number though.  I'm not sure what's going on but I am pretty sure that this SlingCatcher SHOULD be able to work just as the rest of their stuff does and it has firmware/software update ability so why hasn't this been fixed?


                                                                              Get a SamSung tv@internet app and I'll be happy to get rid of my Catcher but until that time, this is poor form it seems to me.

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                                                                                  Figured out my issue.  Apparently my slingbox local ip address changed and the software was able to figure that out and search out the new ip address but the catcher isn't.  I used the software to connect and see the new ip address, reset the router forward to that, and now it works.  Operator error...

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                                                                                    alano Newbie

                                                                                    In the same location as your SlingCatcher, do you have a PC with SlingPlayer installed?   If so, get the picture streaming correctly on your PC and hit the Shift-Alt-I keys to get the diagnostic screen to check that transport type is "TCP" (not "SNATT").


                                                                                    If it says SNATT, then you need to have another go at sorting out the router at your SlingBox location.   Before you go back to your SlingBox location, check to see if http://support.slingbox.com shows an error message.  Hopefully it will.   You can then use that web page to test your configuration when at your SlingBox location (the error message will go away once you've got your SlingBox network configured correctly).

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                                                                                        Dear Slingbox friends

                                                                                        Thank you all for your help with my Network connection problems.  I am absolutely delighted to report that I have solved the issue!  It was a configuration problem with my router in London.  Even with instructions for the Network assistant I was still having problems but a lovely lady at Slingmedia Chat took control of my computer and changed the settings for me remotely.  MAGIC!  The Slingcatcher is now working in Geneva powered by my SKYbox in London.  Now we are having fun with my daughter - who can't watch her programmes while we are watching in Switzerland!  Ha Ha!  We did have a laugh about that.  But we are happy.  Unfortunately the picture is not the clearest in the world but I am pretty sure this is an issue with BT (who provide our Broadband in London) so I guess it will be another session on the phone BT customer support in India! 
                                                                                        Happy watching to all of you and thanks for all your help!

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                                                                            Dear All who have contributed, thanks for your help. Without this forum I would have failed!


                                                                            I thought I’d just share my problem and fix for others who thought they have tried everything. Apologies, If this is obvious to some but I was a bit of a noob and this was my issue (which might help other non-techies)


                                                                            I had the problem “Sorry, SlingCatcher could not connect to this Slingbox due to a network error, please try again” The Iphone and laptop could connect, outside my LAN  but the SlingCatcher would not. Always getting the Network connection error.



                                                                            Virgin V+ Cablebox

                                                                            SlingboxPro (In UK)

                                                                            Netgear WGN834Bv2 Router

                                                                            Virgin 20MB BROADBAND

                                                                            Slingcathcer (In Sweden)


                                                                            After trying a number of these things on the forum, ensuring my slingbox was fixed to solved my connection issues.


                                                                            Since set up, my Router had allocated the Slingbox the IP address of, where as the Slingplayer autosetup software was only helping to open up port 5001 on


                                                                            You can check the IP address of your Slingbox by either:


                                                                            Once Slingplayer on the PC is up and running. On the menu, select:


                                                                            Slingbox Directory


                                                                            Information Tab

                                                                            Then under the LAN Info mine said NOT what slingcatcher needed (

                                                                            This also provides your MAC address for the Slingbox which you will need for a later stage.


                                                                            Or Within the netgear router

                                                                            Log into router

                                                                            Under the maintenance heading: Attached devices

                                                                            This should list your slingbox, not by name but by the Mac Address.



                                                                            Fixing the Slingbox internal IP address within the LAN settings of my router to (will differ from router to router but the principals are the same)

                                                                            Logged into my Netgear

                                                                            Selected LAN Settings

                                                                            Add Address Reservation

                                                                            You should then see the Slingbox listed by the MAC address of the device. I Allocated to the correct Slingbox MAC address.THEN APPLY!


                                                                            Once I had logged out of the router, I turned off my slingbox and all other network devices and my router. I booted up the router after 20 seconds to find that the Slingbox had been allocated the correct IP address of


                                                                            I opened the port 5001 for and tested them. Interestingly, I used PF Port Checker as recommended somewhere else in this forum and it said my port is closed but for $29 they guarantee to open it. However, I also tried http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ which is a free service that doesn’t want money to help open up a port and it says its open.....Hmmmm, a LITTLE Suspicious?


                                                                            Incidentally, whilst my sling box was on As long as any 5001 port,8, X etc was open, the iphone and laptop would still connect.


                                                                            It had taken me about 6 hours to finally get this to work but it works like a dream now. I apologise if the above is really obvious,or maybe some unneccesary steps. I just thought I would share my findings incase another novice like me has the same problems. Please feel free to mail me or post if any bits are unclear.


                                                                            Good luck!