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    Any ideas why I can't connect my MacBook Air (OS10.8.5) to my Slingbox Pro HD.


      I was unable to hook up successfully with my slingbox using a MacBook Air (OS 10.8.5).  However, I was able to connect to my Slingbox using a normal PC.  Slingbox Technical Help re-set my slingbox whilst I was in the UK and I later I tested it out on my MacBook Air.  It worked fine from my test location but this was using a 4G connection to the internet. 


      I have now arrived back in Tenerife (my Slingbox is in the UK) and the same problem has recurred. I am connecting through Telefonica with an 8meg download speed using the router that Telefonica supplied.  I am unable to hook-up using my MacBook Air but I have no problem getting an immediate connection using a PC. 


      This is very disappointing.

      I have therefore concluded that:

      1.  there are compatibility issues with Macs that do not occur with PCs.


      2.  that normal routers as supplied by either BT  or Telefonica have something in their software that Macs don't like.


      3. My Mac has something in its software that is not compatible with the Slingbox thereby preventing a connection.


      I would appreciate any help or ideas to try and resolve the problem