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    Slingbox & Google TV


      I see that the sling player app is available for Google TV so I can watch whatever is connected to my slingbox on the Google TV but how about this scenario: 

      If I connect the output of my Sony Google TV player into the Slingbox (instead of the TV), can I install the Sling Player app on my Android tablet and use that to watch & control my Google TV?

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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello billv748,


          Thank you for the interest in the Google TV and the Slingbox. With the Slingbox being to connected to the Google TV via AV cable you should be able to get what ever the Google TV is out putting. The issue is going to be how much control you will have over the device. If the Google TV you are connected to has an IR remote we should be able to get you a remote to control made for you if there is not already on in our data base. The only issue I will see you having wit this is the fact that there is going to be lag between your controls and the Google TV. This will make it extremely hard to interact with certain functions of that Google TV.


          Hope this helps,

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