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    lost Network connection after a few months


      I recently put a good used Slingbox Classic (red Std Def model with three sets of inputs) into use at a remote location.  It is powered from small UPS with Surge Suppression on network, catv and power connections.  After about 8 weeks the Network connection went done, and we can no longer communicate withthe Slingbox.  No other equipment at the site was affected.  Scheduled a service trip to reboot the Slingbox, and found that the Network (LAN) light was off except during reboot after a long power cycle, when it would flash on and off slowly about four times over 15 seconds before staying off.  Power light is on as normal.  Tried different ports on the network switch, but that didn't help - all showed network link was down.  Tried multiple reboots of the Slingbox, but results remained the same, unable to communicat thru Setup Tool, pings, or Slingplayer software.  No smell of smoke or fried circuitry is coming from the box or power supply, so could be a hardware failure but no obvious signs that is the case.


      So I am stumped, and wondering if Slingbox has a repair service for their older (out of warranty) units, and if the community here has any ideas of what might ahve happened and how to fix it.  Any and all help is appreciated, since these older models are getting hard to find, and we have no need for anything more than s Slingbox Solo with CATV tuner.