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    My slingbox need to reboot when It loss connection



      I  have bought slingbox 500 and It has worked well fror 3 months but after that get this problem

      Everytime  my box losses the connection It need to reboot it but this is problem when I was out home.

      My box should back to working when the connection returned and no need to reboot it

      I suggest that make the box reboot automatically when any error occured.

      Could you please check and solve this issue as soon?

        • Re: My slingbox need to reboot when It loss connection
          craig.sling Novice

          Hello sony001,


          Thank you for the suggestion that we could make to the 500. I have a few questions for you about the exact issue you are getting.


          • When you say that the box losses connecting do you mean the Internet goes out?
            • If this is correct the reason the Slingbox is not reconnecting the issue is with the Router and the Slingbox talking when the router reboots. Being that the router sets IP address and when the router resets it sets another device as the IP the Slingbox is using. You could set a static IP for the Slingbox and this might correct the issue.
          • If you mean the Slingbox is going offline and it takes a soft reset to get the unit connecting again you could look into a device that will let you power down and power the unit just incase the Slingbox does go offline when you are away from home.
          • If the Slingbox is losing power for some issue than we would have to look into this.


          Hope this helps,

          Thank you,

          Sling Moderation Team