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    Remote stopped working in SlingPlayer, web add-on, or setup window


      We could really use some help on this, because we have pretty much run out of options. SlingBox Pro-HD worked perfectly with SlingPlayer for months. Then we had to unplug it to change its place, and once it was reconnected, the remote control on SlingPlayer (or in browser's add-on) stopped responding. The SlingPlayer connects to both cable and DVD without any problems, video and sound are perfect, but the remote is not reacting.


      Now, we have tried every other possible solution mentioned here or anywhere we were able to find it: we have checked that it is correctly connected, the IR blasters are working (seen through digital camera, and we have tried additional ones just in case), and are in the right place, reset of the SlingBox didn't help, choosing a custom remote (files gotten off of the http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/dload.php?action=category&cat_id=97 site) did not help either. The remote doesn't work from the network the SlingBox is on, nor from any other network.


      If anybody has any hint as to what else could be done, we'd greatly appreciate it.


      Thanks in advance.