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    HD not working smooth on sling500 and IPAD 2nd gen with new apple tv


      I checked my internet speed upload at the slingbox side (10Mbs) and download at the distant end (50Mbs) and when I use sling 500 with IPAD 2 sling app and new apple tv to stream to TV, the HD pauses every 10 seconds or so at the distant end.  When I hit the aspect icon on the IPAD app it shows only a speed of around 1400 KBs when on Auto, and when on HD around 2100 KBs. 


      1.  Why would I get a different speed just because I went from Auto to HD?  Shouldn't it stream as fast as possible in auto?


      2.  If my internet speed is 10Mbs + upload and 50MBs download, why can't I get consistent HD streaming and why does the aspect Icon show an order of magnitude slower?