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    Slingbox remote viewing works for Android Slingplayer but not for Internet or on Windows Laptop


      I am hoping someone may have had similar problem and might have a solution.  My Slingbox AV has worked great for over 5 years.  No problems.  My cable company (Charter) came out about 3 months ago and and exchanged my perfectly working cable modem/router combo for a separate moden and separate router.  Mind you, over the last 5 years I have had my 2 A/V's connected to my Nokia and now Android phones with no problem.  I have been able to also access them on my laptops remotely when away from.  No Fuss No Muss. 


      So they changed out the modem's and connected the new router (Netgear 4300).  I was able to load Slingplayer on my Android phone and it works great.  Connects without a problem.


      I go through the process of setting up my Sling Box's for remote veiwing for my laptop and this where the problem starts.  The remote set up confirms that my AV's are set up for remote viewing but then I attempt to connect it says that it cannot find the router.  Now this is where it get's wierd.  While troubleshooting the process, everything, and mean everything checks out. 


      1.  I can connect to both of the Slingboxes while at home on my network.  I go through the steps of setting up "Internet Viewing" and receive confirmation that the Slingbox is set up for remote and Internet viewing.


      2.  I can access my Slingbox from my phone with no problem.


      2. The router shows that my two a ports 5001 and 5002 are being forwarded.


      3.  I have rebooted and reset the Slingboxes, the Router and even uninstalled the Slingplayer plug ins from my laptop.


      5.  While away from home, I go online to Slingbox.com, logged in, selected watch and can see the Slingbox except the green light is not on indicating that it is connected.  However, when I log on to Slingboc.com while at connected to my home network, as I noted, when using the "Test Internet Remote Viewing" button on the Slingbox webite, I get a confirmation the my Slingbox is set up for Remote Viewing.


      So my question is this.  How can my Singplayer on my phone work fine and receive my Slingbox but I can't do it through the Internet on my laptop?


      I am at the point where I am ready to go back to my cable company and even though they want all of the customers to have the split modem and router configration and ask them to sell me the old combo cable modem.


      Any suggestions?