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    Up load speed needed to stream HD


      I'm considering upgrading to a Slingbox Pro HD but would like to know if my current 1.6 Mbps upload speed is likely to be high enough. 

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          VSOTestCart Newbie

          That would be bare minimum for HD and you could still lose packets under high traffic conditions:  sports programs , etc.   Higher B/W would assure no problems with HD streaming.


          When I stream from my HDPro using the desktop client, vs 2.0 is see the speed indicator between 1.03 and 1.8Mbps on regualr movie type programming (non-sports).


          That is with the highest video resolution settings of 1920x540, Full Rate video frames, Smoothness bar mioved to the Far Right. Audio seting at 32Kbps.


          Hope this helps.