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    Is There Any Advantage to HDMI on Slingbox


      I am looking into buying a Slingbox. My cable box is connected to my receiver with hdmi and that works great. But is there any reason to use hdmi for the Slingbox? This affects my purchase of Slingbox 350 vs. 500. The other features on the 500 don't interest me for the most part.

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          My opinion is save your money and go with the SB350, so long as you do not need the other SB500 features.  Some providers of HD content use a copy protection system that prevents the retransmission of content on the HDMI port, so all you see is a scrambled picture.  Thats why  SB recommend connectinog both the HDMI and Component ports on the SB500.  Whenever you are watching via the HDMI port and the program content is copy protected, you can immediately change settings and view via the Component ports.


          Do a quick search of "HDMI" on the SB support site and you will see the articls that explain this issue.