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    Slingbox Pro (red) + OTA digital antenna + Mediasonic HomeWorx HW-150PVR


      Since the Slingbox Pro (the older red one) does not have a digital  tuner, will I be able to use the HW-150PVR as way to get my OTA digital  signal to my Slingbox? (I no longer have digital cable).


      If the HDMI and component outputs can be used at the same time, then I think I will be OK.


      The  only other concern I have is if the Slingbox would be able to change  channels on the HW-150PVR. I'm not sure if it's listed as an option  during the Slingbox setup. Maybe there is a workaround solution. :?:


      My  first thought was to try a digital to analog tuner into the Slingbox  but for the same price I can get the HW-150PVR and have a DVR added as a  bonus (if this works the way I hope it will).


      Also,any suggestions for other solutions would be appreciated as well.