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    Setup Challenge


      Just got slingbox and have tried many times, unsuccessfully to set it up. I've tried the various suggestions for connecting it, but they don't work. My comcast internet wifi is working perfectly on all other devices. I keep getting the "We can't find a slingbox - we can't find it on your network or in your sling account" message. Help!

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          Hello swinshall,


               I understand that you are having an issue finding your Slingbox during the setup. For information regarding troubleshooting this issue, check out this helpful article:



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              I have the same problem with a Slingbox 350 just out of the box.  I've mapped the box, via it's MAC ID to a specific IP address on the subnet 192.168.13.?, my PC is on  The router is  This is my 2nd Slingbox, the first being an HD Pro and EASY TO CONFIGURE as to IP address and port number (it's on port 5001).  This one is something out of the twilight zone ... by that I simply mean that hardware that cannot be manually configured, when the automated configuration facility is less than helpful wualifies as Rod Serling material.


              Physical setup is fine.  I can watch my TV thru the Slingbox 350, so the cabling is correct.  I'm connected to the network as evidenced by the network light on the front of the box, though the more telling (and affirming) proof that we're connected to the router is displayed in the routers LAN status page.  It shows the Slingbox 350's MAC ID and the mapped IP address (  The Slingbox 350 replies to a ping of IP as well.


              From the Quick Start Guide, I bring up a browser and access URL http://www.slingbox.com/getstarted,   I select Slingbox 350 and the web site pops the "We Can't Find a Slingbox" page. I've reached the same display from http://watch.slingbox.com. which I got from a uTube video on Slingbox 350 setup. There is no firewall in use on the LAN as we're behind a router on non-publishable Class C iP addresses.  It is impossible to directly address any box on the LAN ,,, the router provides NAT.


              I've tried forwarding port 5201 (assumed to be the default port from my readings of other non-authoritative messages) directly to  UPnP is enabled on the router, and that might be a problem.  However, I have no idea what port is assigned by UPnP.  Hence, I disable UPnP, I have no idea what port is in use, or will be used by the Slingbox 350, so I cannot provide port forwarding for that port.  The default information is not documented authoritatively (by the equipment manufacturer) anywhere that I can find. I can find no reason suggested in the web configuration error message text that is a potential explaination for the problem I'm observing.


              The subnet has a standalone Wireless Access Point, a Vonage connection device, and two 8-port Netgear switches (smart hubs).  That said, both the PC that I'm working from and the Slingbox 350 are connected to ports on the same switch\ which, in turn, get's it's Internet connectivity from the router it is connected to.