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    No video signal when TV is off; fine when TV is on


      Up until recently, I have been able to use slingbox without issue. Recently, I noticed that I can only get audio but no video. I only see a blue box telling me that the signal is too weak. In troubleshooting, I found that the slingbox woks perfectly (audio and video) if the tv is on. This is pointless, because I would only want to use slingbox when away from home (and of course tv is off).  The system is connected as follows:


      Samsung cable box (time warner) connected to TV via HDMI.

      Cable box component cable out to slingbox component in. 


      I can't cut out the HDMI as the obvious answer. It would be a giant pain since the cable goes to the tv through the wall. 


      HELP!  This is a recent issue. I don't know what changed. Did time warner do something to the cable box preventing video signal to be passed through HDMI unless cable box is on??