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    Improvement Request: Remote Control Application for Cell Phones & iPad (no content)




      The orginal remote control was designed to keep the lazy man on the couch. Currently you cannot be logged into to more than one slingbox device at a time (computer/cell phone/ipad etc.)  As a result there is no way to use your cell phone/iPad as a remote to change the channel on the slingbox application you are watching on your computer.




      My suggestion is creating an application that does not show any content, but only acts as a remote app that is powered by your cell/ipad.  It would only need to offer simple following functions to be incredibly useful.  For Example...


         Enter the Channel #_________

         Channel UP

         Channel Down

         Last Channel


         Slingbox Sleep Timer


      All other advanced functions would still require you to pull up the remote that is provided by the computer application (which is fine).  But currently if i'm watching TV, there is just no way to toggle between channels without getting up and that's especially frustrating for live sports when there are multiple events going on simultaniously .  


      I would be willing to pay for this application.  So please develop it!





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          There is such a way, if you have xfinity. If you have xfinity get the ios app, xfinity tv remote and set it to the tv with the slingbox installed and you can change the channels. You cant mute or anything like that or go up and down.But you can use the app to watch certain channels yah. It works like xfinity guide. Its works ive done it. Also looking for a solution to use on screen remote for ondemand as an app for my iphone so I dont have to get up to go to the computer to use the remote. This way it works when its hooked up to my tv from my computer via hdmi. If you have another tv service, then im not sure.