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    Slingbox HD Pro failing to operate over network with SlingLink


      I have a Slingbox HD Pro which has been working with no issues using Sling link and BT home hub router.  First installed about 4 months ago.


      Now, it has become impossible to view remotely over the wireless network.   I have tried resetting the Slingbox and also unplugging and restarting router and slinglinks.


      The sling links appear to be fine.  If both connected to the same socket outlets, the power lights and the link lights are illuminated.


      After resetting the slingbox and connecting to the network directly via the Ethernet cable, everything seems to work fine.  However, when reconnected to slinglinks, the slingbox fails to operate.


      The current symptoms are:


      Sling link connected to router: power, link and network lights all illuminated.


      Slinglink connected to slingbox:  Power light illuminated.  Link and network lights flash intermittently.


      Slingbox:  Power light on.  Network light flashes intermittently.


      After resetting the slingbox, connecting to the router via Ethernet cable and updating firmware, the slingbox can be set up to operate but installation fails at the test for internet connection, with error message that there is an internet connection failure.  The internet is working fine both via cable and wireless.


      I have read that this type of problem may be related to the power supply. Any thoughts ?


      Thanks and regards