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    Video issues with Newwatch.Slingbox.com


      Since last Tuesday I have been unable to get the video feed from Newwatch.Slingbox.com. I had no issue prior to that watching on any of 4 different laptops/pcs whether at home or away. Tuesday, coincidentally, was the day the new Slingbox.com landing/splash pages were introduced and I believe the web address for connecting may have also changed. I tried 3 different machines with 3 different Microsoft OS versions, and 2 different browsers. I was able to connect to my slingbox and I could hear audio but have no video and no error mesages. I then went to test my connectivity through slingplayer for apple and android and had no issues. Video and audio stream just like before. From an environmental perspective I am on a Slingbox Pro HD and I am running Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. I am using IE 9, IE 10, and Firefox browsers. My issue is consistent across all combinations of OS and browser. I believe I was able to use my existing plugins/browser add-ons the first time I accessed the new pages on Tuesday but was then prompted to install an update which I did. While I made no changes to any of the other programs, config, etc prior to the new landing page on Tuesday I have done the following since then with no luck: 1)  Completely removed the plugins and reinstalled them on all laptops. The result...no video still on the Win7 and Vista laptops and now no video or audio on the Windows 8 laptop. 2) Disabled the security software and attempted to connect with no change 3) Went into router and removed the firewall pinhole for Slingbox and then reinstalled the pinhole 4) Added the Newwatch.slingbox.com to my trusted sites browser filter I am at a loss for what else to do at this point and I would very much appreciate someone from Slingbox responding to this post. Thanks.