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    Active Source (Comp or S) will not persist in Config Menue


      This is my 2nd sling box..Love it!


            A soure, A/V, comp or S will not persist in the config, so the Pull down on select          

                (another) video source is grayed out.


            The RF coax input persists.


            I have one RF input, and one composit input.


            Selecting the check box to set up another input (and doing the process) does not solve the problem.


            The composite is full NTSC.


           My first sling box dual input works fine.


          Both Videos sling just fine, but changing inputs requires a reset-up of the particular desired input, remotely.


           Pro-HD, new, box id r29091200958


          I'm an audio and video engineer.


      Thanks,  The Audio Man

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          Bryanod Novice

          The both use the same audio in.  Thats why its greyed out and require a setup to change

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              Hi All,          Well that is a bummer. 


              Do you mean that the internal audio path, once the RF (ch 4) is demodulated,

              that the audio is presented to only one audio path through the sling box?


              Even tho I am supplying two distinct audio sources.??


              My 3 year old other sling box has two distinct audio paths??


              What can I do about the problem???


              If that is the case, would I be out of place suggesting the advertising /

              Manual....see page three in Manual.."Supports 3 a/v sources...."is in-



              Thanks, would welcome more input....perhaps the designers........


              Mike Stoll

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                  eferz Expert



                  No, he's saying that the S-Video and Composite video inputs share the same audio inputs.


                  As for the Slingbox Pro-HD, mine has active profiles for Composite, Component, S-Video, and ANT IN.  So, its not a problem with the design of the Slingbox.  However, it sounds like you might be having problems with either the hardware or software.


                  I recommend resetting your Slingbox Pro-HD (http://support.slingmedia.com/get/KB-1000038), uninstalling the Slingplayer software, rebooting your computer, grab a  fresh copy from http://support.slingbox.com/go/windows-download-desktop-us then trying to set up the resepective video source again.


                  If the problem continues to presist, please tell us what happens during the setup process of the respective video source.  Its important to understand what happens during the Setup Assistant; like if you're able to see a picture, able to shut off the set-top box, and if it the process completes normally or if you're given any types of warnings during the process.