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    Comcast scrambling basic channels - any problems?


      I am a former user of SiliconDust's HD Homerun Prime device which provides cable TV reception to networked computers.  I am strongly considering moving to Slingbox (500). The HD Homerun stopped working recently because Comcast, nationally, has been gradually scrambling all their basic/non-scrambled channels which used to be picked up by the HD Homerun box.  I used to get ~30 basic Comcast channels via the HD Homerun, now I get 2 (their sales/preview channels).  In order to get these basic/scrambled channels on the HD Homerun, I'm told I have to get a Cablecard from Comcast, at an add'l monthly charge.  I do not want to pay Comcrap any more monthly fees (that continue to escalate year after year), and would rather invest in something like the Slingbox.  Has anyone using the Slingbox with Comcast/Xfinity service had recent problems due to this change from Comcast?  I am using the Comcast Digital Basic service.

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          Greetings, butla0dg .


               Comcast certainly hasn't been giving Slingbox users any problems. I do want to be perfectly clear, though: the Slingbox 500 merely allows you to placeshift your home video and audio content over the Internet; it does not have an internal tuner. Some of our older Slingboxes, such as the PRO-HD (which can be purchased on Amazon) had internal tuners, however:



          So, optimally, you would connect a cable, satellite, or DVR box to your Slingbox (which usually means monthly fees). The benefit of the Slingbox is that you can watch the content you have at home... anywhere!


          Hope this helps!


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