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    Sling Media's Press Release: AirPlay Support to Apple TV?

    adamvanpelt Newbie

      I'm confused by Sling Media's latest press release.  Specifically, I'd like more clarification about this paragraph:


      And finally, Sling Media is pleased to formally announce AirPlay support for SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and iPad. This feature gives Apple TV customers the ability to watch their home TV on a second TV inside the home (without needing an additional set top box) or on a remote TV. Slingbox 500, Slingbox 350, Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox SOLO customers can take advantage of this fully updated and supported feature.


      Does this mean that we should be able launch the SlingPlayer iPhone/iPad app, enable AirPlay streaming to the Apple TV in the SlingPlayer app (NOT mirroring), and then we should be able to close the SlingPlayer app on our device and it will continue streaming to the Apple TV?


      If Sling Media's apps truly support AirPlay, we should be able to do what other apps let us do when AirPlaying to the Apple TV -- close the app that's streaming to the Apple TV, do other things on our device, and the streaming will continue to the Apple TV.


      My Solo is currently running firmware version 2.1.270 from October 2012.  Does there need to be a firmware update to allow true AirPlay support to the Apple TV?  Does there need to be an iPhone/iPad app update?


      As of right now, if I launch either the iPhone or iPad apps, enable AirPlay to my Apple TV in the SlingPlayer app, and then close the SlingPlayer app, the streaming to the Apple TV stops.  AirPlay has behaved this way with the SlingPlayer app since AirPlay was first introduced.


      I'd really like to be able to close the SlingPlayer app and continue to use my iOS device while streaming to the Apple TV continues.

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          I'd also like clarification.


          I have the Slingbox 350 and it's the same situation (can't Airplay in the background). Since the press release from Slingbox I haven't seen an update to either the 350 firmware or the iOS apps. So I'm not sure what Sling actually did to "support" Airplay, because the behavior is exactly the same as it's been for quite some time.

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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              The Airplay one is just plain weird.


              It was working pretty well at one point, maybe a year ago, although never in the background I don't think.


              Then they messed something up so that whenever you changed a channel it froze and you had to reconnect. T'was reported and ignored and at that point I have up on it as a viable method of getting it on your TV.


              Then the functionality disappeared completely and I remember reading one people complaining about this and being told that Airplay has never been supported, even though it had but they broke it/removed it unannounced. Now pardon my ignorance but if you buy an app and Airplay options are included then one is entitled to assume Airplay support is already official!


              And then it came back at some point in the last few weeks/months and now presumably they're happy with it and so have announced it.....even though it's been in and out of the app for a year or more.


              Seems to me that it's been essentially beta tested by those of us who've used it in the past and now it's official, or something......


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                  I agree with your line of reasoning...


                  It's been "unofficially" supported for some time, but now Sling feels comfortable enough with it to officially support it - whatever that means.


                  It's unusual because even before the announcement last week, there were support pages on the Sling website that explained how to use Airplay. If that's not "officially" supporting it then I guess I don't know what is.


                  So in conclusion - I have no idea what last week's announcement meant, so I have no choice but to agree with your reasoning.


                  But now that Airplay is officially supported, I'm hoping to see some improvements:


                  - Background / multi-tasking

                  - Improved video quality - in particular when using the iPhone app

                  - Improved channel changing

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                adamvanpelt Newbie

                Just called 877-GO SLING.  For once, I got a person for whom English seemed to be their first language; and I wasn't told it was going to cost $30 up front to get phone support like I've been told in the past.  Hopefully this means that their phone support is improving.


                The gentleman said there was no firmware update for the Solo but that there was a SlingPlayer app update to allow AirPlay to "work better".  When I asked if that meant that streaming would continue to the Apple TV in the background when the SlingPlayer app is closed, he said no.


                I proceeded to go into the SlingPlayer app and I was prompted that there was an update to the app available.  I went to the App Store and downloaded it and will try it shortly.  The new version is 3.6.16.  From the release notes, it appears that this update is mainly geared toward the 500; but fingers crossed that it improves something when streaming from my Solo.  More importantly, I hope it doesn't break anything that previously worked!

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                  Yeah, this claim of AirPlay support is BS.  I'm so frustrated.  I spent $15 on the iPad app (after spending $300 on the Slingbox 500!) specifically for the supposed AirPlay integration.  I'm extremely disappointed.