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    Why no support?


      My old sling box was just fine til yesterday. I upgraded my software. Couldn't watch on Computer, but phone was fine.

      Then I tried to change get on the computer and it worked ONCE. I changed my password on the site and afte that

      I couldn't get on. Then my phone would not recognize my password and it  stopped woking.


      These kind of issues can still be addressed and I am sorry to say this company won't address them because I don't have

      an updated slingbox. This infuriates me and although I might consider upgrading why should I when I know that after

      the warranty is no longer valid or they decided to made a version no longer valid, there will be no support.


      I don't think that is fair to make us want to spend more money for soemthing that may never get support in the future.

      My problem is not a hardware problem it is a software problem.


      I tried to change my online password here and it says my password is invalid. I can't get anyanwers

      I tried calling soem time ago and no one would talk to me.


      This is not the sign of a reliable company. I can't even get chat online to work.

      nothing happens.

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          I have a similar problem my old slingbox works fine with my PC even with windows 8   My iphone works fine used it yesterday but I have not updated the app. My ipad2 did work fine until i updated the app I am now told my old sling player is not compatible with my i pad funny that !!!!

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              This has been so frustrating. I actually had my slingbox up and running today on my computer and on my phone but not remotely.


              So stupid me, I went back to see if I could get the remote working.


              Then I lost ability to get back on at all and now my sling is blinking (not the power light but the network light)  and I cant get it to stop.


              I guess it is finally time to bite the dust and get a new one, but if anyone here knows how to fix this situation I'd be grateful.


              I worry that whatever I get new will still end up having problems with set up . I"m between the 350 and 500.


              I use a wifi modim now to bridge to my wifi modum on the otherside of the room so maybe I don't need the 500, but I heard it

              might search out the ports which would mean I wouldn't have to set it up or screw it up.


              Any ideas on any of this? 


              I am not happy about dealing anymore with this company but most of the reviews I read say it is still the best way to go.

              I have a son in Az who has not computer so he is going balistic not having this connection to watch via his iphone.

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                I did not upgrade my ipad app so it works. Today iI was still having trouble connecting sling box at all. Turns out sling box  works with my ethernet cord stretching accross a huge room from sling to my modem. My wifi bridge to my wifi machine  however seems to be the problem. I think it will work but figuring out what;s wrong may not be worth the time.

                However I wanted to tell you that After I got back on with my sling, the app on my phone did not have any of the controls on it. So after doing some research I was able to get my slingplayer app working. First I hooked my phone into itunes and stopped the sync. I clicked on the phone  using option key and chose transfer apps from my iphone. I'm not sure if they really did anything but then I did a sync of my phone. Supposedly if I then deleted the slingplayer on my phone and then reistalled it from itunes I would get a new app w/o all the upgrades... but I didn't need to do that. I tested my slingplayer app after the sync and then all my controls returned!! Even my computer function works better although sometimes it just quits but if I reopen it I get my progras back.

                Anyway, I am looking around because I think it is time to upgrade. I'll probably get the 350 or the 500 but for now the 500 makes more sense with the built in wifi.I am also looking at other brands, but because I'm all set up with sling and I already have the apps for phone and ipad, I may as well stick with it, I think.