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    Video and audio out of sync after latest plugin update


      Since the latest Chrome plugin update I've been having a terrible experience.   In addition to the remote placement and disappearing issues, I can only watch on better quality or lower. When I try to watch on Auto quality I've got plenty of bandwidth on both ends to watch in Best HD, but after a minute or so the video shows to a crawl while the audio plays at full speed.  If I hit the live button the video catches up to the audio, but then immediately falls behind again.  The same thing happens when I set it to Best quality only the video doesn't show down quite as much so it's not as obvious that something's wrong until the announcers are calling a play ahead of what I'm seeing.


      The same issue popped up with an update a year or two ago and tech support refused to help me because my SlingBox was out of warranty, even though the issue was with the SlingPlayer plugin. Eventually after a few updates the issue went away.  I've got a Pro HD and a more than capable Win7 64bit system, and I don't have the issue on my Sling apps for Android.