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    New Sling 500 and Old Sling Pro HD


      I'm thinking about getting the new Sling 500 but need some clarifications...


      (I'm also an Apple Fan...iPhone, iPad, Apple Tv)


      1-If I get the new Sling 500 can I relocate my current Sling Pro HD to another TV that has an HD box and control it seperatly from the same Sling app?

      -- I'm guessing I'd only have to select the location or name each Sling Box something specific like Sling Pro and Sling 500 to tell them apart?

      --- (No sense getting rid of a good Sling Box when it can still be used elsewhere)


      2-Do I need to purchase a newer app/program for the new 500?


      3-I saw a recent post where the Apple TV can now be accessed via the Sling 500 while I'm traveling so this would be great as long as it is "daisy chained" the Apple TV in line with the new Sling 500 and TV?


      4-Since a USB port is now available on the Sling 500...Movies etc can now be pre-loaded to a flas drive using the USB port and watched over wi-fi which I really love as it would free up space on my portable devices!


      Pls advise if any of the above are misconceptions...