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    New plug-in turns 500 into doorstop


      I was viewing my Slingbox 500 via IE @ work on i7 machine in Windows Pro networked corporate environment just fine.  Then, Monday, your new plug-in showed up.  It appeared to install just fine, then initialized OK, but will not connect to my Slingbox 500 @ home.  Your techs can connect to my Slingbox just fine, so nothing wrong there.  I can connect to it just fine from Win 7 machine @ home.  It seems like something in the new plug-in has tripped something on the corporate firewall.  So, your tech showed me how to use FaceBook to get around the firewall.  That worked fine, for one whole day.  Now, the FaceBook app will not recognize my login and password.  So, I bought your $14.99 iPad app, because I can connect to a wireless router at work that is not behind the firewall.  Initializes but will not connect. I get same result using FireFox browser.  I want my old plug-in back.  What can you do for me in that regard?  Thanks.

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey ACC5230379,


               I would recommend consulting the IP department to allow the Slingbox and Slingbox.com access through the firewall without actually disrupting the firewall from preventing any harmful files through.


          This article further explains this:


          Hope this helps,

          The Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Thanks for the attempt to be helpful, but your solution is a non-starter.  Is it really a solution to suggest that I should go to my IT department and say, "Hey, I would like to watch my home TV at work.  Can you help me do that?"  I'm guessing that if you went to a career advancement counselor, that move would not be on her list of Top 10.


              Now, let's assume I went to IT.  Wouldn't they want to know what ports the new plug-in is trying to access that the old one didn't?  I'm not completely sure about how all this works, but my prior experience is that they need some technical data to assist them in letting Slingbox through the firewall.  I have looked through your FAQS and I don't find it.


              Here is the deal.  The old plug-in WORKED.  The new plug-in LOST FUNCTIONALITY THAT IT PREVIOUSLY HAD.  You are going backward, not forward.  I'm guess - just guessing - that this is not a result you intended.


              Also not addressed is why the FaceBook fix, which your tech told me was designed to circumvent the firewall, all of a sudden won't recognize my log in.  Have you guys put me on Double Secret Probation and I just don't know it.


              I'm not trying to be snarky here, but really - you had a GREAT product a couple of weeks ago, and now you DON"T.  Does that not bother you guys?