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    Solo not connecting to network


      So it looks as though I'm having similar problems with my slingbox solo, pro hd works fine, solo won't keep the network connection light up for longer then 5 seconds.  I've tried everything from the help section, directly connected to my pc & swapped out cables, neither worked, all hard wired connnections, no slinglink or anything like that.  The only thing I do get when I hook it directly to my pc is my network connection goes from identifying to disconnected every 5 seconds.  So it seems as though the solo has an issue with it's network settings, which it can't get beyond.

      I've tried resetting, I did do a firmware update to one of my sling's about a month ago, can't remember which though, I think it was the pro. 


      Anybody got any other ideas?  Is it time to break it open and replace some hardware??