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    new 2tb sky+ HD box and sling box solo

    stringer3 Newbie

      I am considering purchasing this sky box to replace my old sky+ HD box.  I have always connected via S-video but I now learn that there is no such connection on the new sky box nor is there a component connection.  Does anyone know what has replaced the  S-video connection and what my choices are for connection to my solo.  For instance is there an adaptor?



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          callanish Apprentice

          You could just pick up a ( scart to composite ) cable running from the new sky box to composite input in on the solo. Check to make sure the Scart connection on the new Sky box provides on screen menu's when streaming from the solo. Some cable / sat boxes don't do this which means no menu's, tv guide or on screen info while sling streaming. Then for the TV, just connect HDMI from the sky box to the TV which should allow you to have the best quality picture on your tv while continuing to allow you to run the slingbox.


          If you want more of a complicated setup in order to get the best picture out of the sky box to the slingbox, you're looking at the hdfury line of products or something similar that can strip out the HDCP copy protection from the sky box allowing you to use the component connection on the slingbox in order to get a better quality slingbox stream.


          It's more of a hassle going in this direction where as the scart to composite setup should be a straight forward plug n play.....albeit with a reduction in picture quality compared to component